Nuclear Engineers

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Job Information

Branch of science: physical, because is a chemistry job and the is a s,all. Branch under physical science.


(In Wisconsin)

Entry : 90,410

Median : 112,310

Experienced : 166,400+

National salary:

Entry :67,250


Experienced: $142,290+

Work Conditions : they work 40 hrs a week and it is very clean, but they may b exposed to radioactive substances.

They work at nuclear power plants or laboratories . Some work on their own farms.

Not very easy to get a job close to Wisconsin it's not very. Common in Wisconsin.

Training schools or colleges

There are many for this job but UW Madison is the best it Wisconsin.

Average students per laboratory is a about 19.

Average GPA:3.69

Average SAT : 1100-1339

Average ACT: 24-27

This would be a 4 year term

Expenses: In-state tuition would be 9, 672 per year .

My opinion about the job.

I think that the job is okay. It would be a bit of a drive each day to get to the nearest job site. Other than that I think it's really good job to have. So I could probably see myself doing it.