Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development to Address the Needs of a Company

Small businesses may find that they have a hard time competing with larger businesses that have access to the latest technology. Many small businesses have struggled to build customer relationships in social media networks like the corporate giants do. Now, mobile applications are necessary to be at the fingertips of potential customers. What many entrepreneurs don't realize is that it is not out of their reach to be on the same level technologically as their larger competitors. Using custom software development services from the Farber Consulting Group Inc. makes that possible.

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When a business is in need of custom software development, the software developer will interview the employees to gain insight on the daily operations of the company. This allows the developer to understand the different tasks that employees perform manually and the job duties performed with software. After the custom software developer understands the employees' responsibilities, the developer can offer solutions in the form of custom applications that will automate these jobs for greater efficiency, security, accuracy, and reliability.

Custom application development provides clients with the software needed to compete in today's market. Software developers are able to devise plans to organize data, generate reports, or provide support for Ecommerce or inventory control. Application development professionals can create software for use in the office, in the field with mobile applications, or for a global audience with web-based applications that can operate within any mobile device.

If some employees have responsibilities outside of the office such as going on sales calls and meeting with clients, mobile applications can be helpful. Mobile application development involves designing and implementing software that provides employees with the necessary tools to be effective in their work in the field.

Additional services that we provide:

Software maintenance and support
Database design and optimization
Systems integration and consolidation
Software Re-engineering, migration from old to new technology
Customization of an ERP system, developed as an extension

Other types of mobile applications can be used to attract new customers. If prospective customers use mobile devices, a new mobile application can help promote the company and keep the name of the company in front of the customers. Mobile application development for marketing purposes may be in the form of ebooks, multimedia applications, Ecommerce, gaming, and productivity applications.

The smallest of home-based businesses can use custom software to increase productivity and achieve growth in their industry. Many different industries take advantage of custom application development including finance, healthcare, retail, advertising, and publishing. Custom mobile applications increase the visibility of the business and help with branding the business. This builds recognition of the company name, mobile application, or logo, which builds trust in the company.

Discussing the company's operation and goals with a custom software development professional provides insight into the possibilities for the company. Even if the company feels financial pressure to trim the budget, custom application development can be a gateway to business growth and expansion while reducing costs. Consulting with a software developer can help the entrepreneur learn how to compete with big business with the help of custom software.

Our application development includes as follows:

Business analysis and specs preparation
Feasibility study and requirement analysis
Application design, architecture development, and implementation
User interface design for the application development

Technologies we use

Dot Net, Alpha Five, SQL Database 2012, MySQL, SSIS - SQL Server Integration Services

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