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School Weekly Agenda

Monday, Oct. 3rd

  • 7th Grade VB at ACMS
  • 7th Grade FB at Hebron
  • Continue to show Kindness - wear a kindness shirt
  • ACMS Recycling Fundraiser ALL WEEk - see info below

Tuesday, Oct. 4th

  • Obenhaus' Eagle Council - 8:30 AM Eagles Nest (Invite Only)
  • 8th Grade FB at Hebron
  • Chipotle Spirit Night (Hebron and Josey) 5PM to 9PM
  • Spirit Day (PINK OUT! Wear all the Pink you can!
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Wednesday, Oct. 5th

  • PTA Board Meeting 9:30 AM
  • Walk or Bike to School Day!
  • ZAP after school from 4:20 to 5:45
  • Band Fall Concert 7 PM Large Gym
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Thursday, Oct. 6th
  • 8th grade VB at Creek Valley

Friday, Oct. 7th

  • Spirit Day! Wear your ACMS Swag
  • 1/2 day for students - 1:00 Dismissal
  • PTA Snack Sales
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Congrats to the following teachers for being selected by Admin and HR for their hard work, dedication, and determination in LISD this year. We are thankful to have you in our ACMS family!

Mr. Lehotzky

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Ms. Timmerman

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PTA needs your help!

Coming in October... It's time to get your game face on! PTA will host a Tailgate-themed Staff Luncheon Thursday, October 27th. Sign up to bring some touchdown-worthy treats and eats.


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Math Tips and Tricks to Help!

Parents/Guardians of ACMS Math Students,

This email covers 3 THREE!!! Different math resources in detail that parents and students can use at home. One resource is not only online but parents/guardians can check out a hard copy to have at home!


We wanted to make you aware this school year, as an added resource to help your student at home, we are offering parents/guardians the “Homework Helper” books that can be checked out from the school. These Homework Helpers are also available digitally for you and your student. The digital and physical Homework Helper Volume 1 and Volume 2 is designed to be a companion to your students’ homework and in-class assignments. The topics in these books will align with the Savvas topics covered in their math class

Homework Helpers provide:

  • Key concepts to know for the lesson
    (definitions, models, rules, etc)
  • 2-3 example problems
  • TEKS practice – practice test for each lesson

In the back of the book or the digital link also includes:

  • Glossary
  • Formula chart
  • Math symbols
  • Measurement conversions

If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of these books, please fill out the form linked below. Additionally, you can also access the digital version of these books using the links listed below. Please understand that if you select to receive a hard copy of these books, it will be checked out to your student’s account. If these books are not returned, then you will be 100% responsible for the costs incurred.

We will begin distributing the hard copies next week, so please fill out the form by the end of this weekend Sunday the 25th so that your student can bring these books home.


Links to the resources are below.

6th grade – digits Homework Helper Volume 1

6th grade – digits Homework Helper Volume 2

7th grade – digits Homework Helper Volume 1

7th grade – digits Homework Helper Volume 2

8th grade - digits Homework Helper Volume 1

8th grade - digits Homework Helper Volume 2

Algebra 1


Assignments for Savvas will ONLY load to their Savvas account after they have clicked on “Launch External Tool” from CANVAS. If a student says they do not have that assignment then they need to click “Launch External Tool” from Canvas to load the assignment into their Savvas account.

We remind the students that one of the best benefits of doing their Savvas homework online is that it immediately grades their assignment when they click “check answer”. If they get it wrong a message pops up stating on how to solve it correctly. Students should go back and see what they did and try to answer the problem again. Savvas will allow them one or two more attempts before it will state “final check” and mark a problem wrong, taking points away from them for the assignment. If a student misses the problem completely they have unlimited attempts to receive their points back, all they have to do is click on “similar question” before moving on to the next problem and try the problem they are on again. If they are struggling they can use the built-in question help features to help them answer the question correctly. Here is a video showing how to use these features.

  • "Help me solve this problem" – will work out the problem they are currently attempting. It will walk students through step by step how to solve the problem correctly. Once students have answered the problem with Savvas’ support, then Savvas will issue the student a new problem to solve and apply on their own.
  • "View an Example" – will not change their problem. It will only show them an example worked out step by step and the student will have to press continue after each step to see how to solve the example correctly. After they have seen all the steps it will let them go back to their original problem and apply it on their own.
  • Tutorial Video” - Sometimes there is also a tutorial video that goes with an example for students to use.
  • Glossary” – Here is a quick video on how to access the glossary.
  • Math Tools” – Number Line, Place-Value Blocks, Area Models, Fraction & Percents, Integer Chips, Algebra Tiles, Pan Balance, Coordinate Grapher, 2-D Geometry, 3-D Geometry, Data & Graphs, Probability, Calculator.
  • Multilingual Glossary” – languages include: Cambodian p 1, Cantonese p 44, English p 87, Haitian Creole p 130, Hmong p173, Korean p 216, Mandarin p 253, Pilipino (Tagalog) p296, Spanish p 339, Vietnamese p 410

Our online Savvas is like having a teacher at home with them. Savvas homework assignments should be 100% with all the built-in features and the opportunity for unlimited attempts. This is also a good way for students to study and try problems they are struggling with since each time they click a similar question it gives them a new problem to solve the same way.


Another way to study at home is by going over the lesson from class at home on Savvas. To get to the lesson of the day follow these steps:

  • Log on to Savvas (lhub.lisd.net)
  • Click on “Programs" (green circle)
  • Click through the “Units” until you find the one showing the topic being covered in class.
  • Click on the “Topic” from class
  • Click on the “Lesson”
  • Start at the “launch” and walk your way through =)
  • EXAMPLE: If in math class Topic 7-5 was covered, then you would click on...
    Programs → Unit D → Topic 7 → Lesson 7-5: Similar Shapes → 7-5 Launch / Key Concept / Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Close and Check
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Did you sign up for a club or organization? If you haven't received an email from your sponsor, you will soon! First, check the document below to see when they are meeting for the first time. Can't wait to see the clubs and organizations get started!
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Teacher Weekly Lesson Plans

Click Here Each Week To View Lesson Plans

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Tutoring Times

Click Here

Bell Schedule for 22 - 23 School Year

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Bus Information

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You can find bus stop pick-up/drop-off times and more resources on the Transportation page: http://lisd.net/transportation. Download the “Here Comes the Bus” app on your mobile device for real-time location updates! Learn more at the following link below
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Spirit Wear for 22-23 School Year

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YOU LIKE TO SHOP? Just add ACMS and give back!

Want an easy way to help our school raise money all year? Add ACMS to the below stores you shop at.
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  • Locate, Save, & Document your child’s email address & school ID number. This is located in STUDENT Info button on the left side menu of Skyward. The email address is on the top of the screen where your child’s picture will appear.

  • LISD randomly generates new student passwords. Some of these passwords can be confusing or difficult to remember. Reset your student’s password by going to password.lisd.net. The new password cannot be any form of your students first or last name or ID number. The new password must be at least 8 characters long with at least one of each of the following:

  • Uppercase letter

  • Lowercase letter

  • A number -OR- a special character

In SKYWARD- Click on the Schedule Button on the left to see your child’s list of courses and teachers for this school year.

Make note of where the GRADEBOOK & ATTENDANCE buttons are in Skyward. Skyward is the OFFICIAL GRADEBOOK (not Canvas or Edgenuity). You can see what assignments are missing and the breakdown of your grades.

Access Your Child’s Email Account- email is the preferred method for students to communicate with their teachers.


This program is what LISD uses to video conference with your child’s teachers. CLICK HERE TO LEARN HOW TO DOWNLOAD WebEx on your devices.
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ACMS Teacher Wish Lists

Click here to access

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