Non-Fat Nutella

And you thought Nutella couldn't get any better!

Right when you thought it could not get any better!!

Our new Non-Fat Nutella is the next big thing! This product is still the delicious treat you know and love, just now, non-fat!! Non, the prefix, means not. So, in our product, it is NOT fattening! So now, you can enjoy a delicious treat without gaining weight!

At your local grocery store $10.45

Why Non-Fat Nutella?

Kobe Bryant, basketball player for the Los Angela's Lakers, uses Nutella to stay fit but also enjoy a great snack before hitting the court. Athletes are not the only ones who can enjoy this product. Non-Fat Nutella is a product for anyone who would like to enjoy an amazing snack without worrying about weight gain! Non-Fat Nutella has the same taste you revere! Non-Fat Nutella was an idea born in the mind of Carly Fatlard. She decided she wanted to enjoy Nutella without gaining weight. She emailed the Nutella company, and we went into action!

Why pay $20 for original Nutella when you can pay half that off Non-Fat!

How do I know the difference between regular and Non-Fat Nutella?

Non-fat nutella is just like regular Nutella, but there is a label under the name on the right side explaining that it is non-fat.

Some of our happy costumers!

Our biggest fan! Dore Himert

I thought Nutella was the best thing in the world, then I discovered Non-Fat nutella. I eat it everyday. If I could, I would leave all of my 87 cats to marry it. My pantry is row after row of it. It is the only thing in life worth living for. I love it more than my friends and Family. I worship, Nutella. And now, since it is Non-Fat, I can sit in my room and eat it and never leave, except to buy more Nutella. When I get older, I am going to get the word Nutella tatooed across my forehead. My therapist says I need to stop eating it, but she doesn't know what she is talking about. I love Non-Fat nutella.