The cool Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Sophia C.

The awsomest coolest Franklin Delano Roosevelt


Franklin Delano Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times. Many people think that he was the greatest president in our nation. Mr.Roosevelt was a diligent man even though he had a disability. After college , Franklin went to law school. I think he was very brave.
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Early Life

Franklin loved to help people in his early life. F.D.R in Hyde Park New York in 1882. Franklin grew up in a wealthy family with a house that had lots of land. After boarding school Franklin started helping people. F.D.R was a very diligent man.

Personal Chalenges

Franklin had a lot of personal chalenges. He couldn't walk about 39 because he got polio. Polio is a disease that people get and they can't move parts of their body. F.D.R went to Warm Springs, G.A for treatment for his disease. He built a house there. Roosevelt had a lot of personal challenges, but he was still able to reach his goals. I think he is awesome.


Roosevelt's hopeful way of talking kept people of the United States going during hard times. In 1933 Roosevelt became the president of the United States. He started the New Deal program that helped start government jobs. Roosevelt promised to help millions of people hurt by hard times. He served four terms as persident. Roosevelt did amazing things as president of the United States. I think he is amazing.