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Dear So You Didn't Know,

My name is Ralph, I am 19 years old. I am a student at TCU and I live on campus. I just started growing facial hair not too long ago so I'm kind of new to shaving. More than a few times when I shaved I accidently cut myself with my razor. What is the most efficient way to stop the bleeding or prevent cutting myself at all.

Stop/prevent bleeding from razor cuts?

Dear Ralph,

Razor cuts can be painful and can cause a lot of bleeding. Instead of plugging up shave nicks with bits of toilet paper, why not use something that works. Lip balm or ice will stop the bleeding with just a few minuets of application. Or you can prevent cuts and nicks in all with switching to any of the Gillette razors. You can purchase all Gillette razors at our salon, 4 Corner Oasis for $12.46 or less.

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