Hiawatha Holiday News

by Hailey, Ben B., Gabriella, Sammy, Elisa, and Isabella

Jokes and Humor

What do you call a baboon in a minefield?

(A ba-BOOM!)

Tongue Twisters!

Try saying these ten times fast:

1. Frozen fairies fry fresh frozen food.

2. Winter winds blow Willy's house down wildly.

(from a second grade class--2JM in Australia)

...and one more:

Zach Zum-Zum has a brother named Zepheria Zum-Zum and two sisters named Zoe and Zody Zum-Zum.

Brain Teasers

Here is a question that will take some thinking:

If you could travel at the speed of light, what would happen?

(Answer: Time would slow down and eventually stop.)

And another one!

Julie, Paula and Linda like to downhill ski, cross country ski, and skate during December, January and February. See if you can figure out what sport each girl does in each month!


  • During each month, each woman does only one sport.
  • In December, Julie didn't downhill or cross-country ski
  • In January, Julie does the same sport as Linda, one month later.
  • In February, Paula downhill or cross-country skis.
  • In January, Linda does the same sport as Julie in February.
  • In February, Paula takes part in the same sport that Linda does in December.
  • Only Paula doesn't cross country ski.

Julie: skate (Dec.), x-country ski (Jan.), ice fish (Feb.)

Paula: ice fish (Dec.), skate (Jan.), ski (Feb.)

Linda: ski (Dec.), ice fish (Jan.), x-country ski (Feb.)

Projects to Try

How to Make a Scribble Bot

1. Buy alligator wires, cardboard, a mini motor and a bunch of markers.

2. Make a shape (triangle, for example) out of cardboard.

3. Attach the markers to the corners of the shape.

4. Attach the wires to the mini motor and attach the other 2 clips to the battery.

Then watch it spin!

5. Put the robot on a piece of paper and turn it on.

6. Watch the robot make awesome designs.

If you want to know what a scribblebot does watch the video below:

C's "scribble bot"

Creative Writing

A Life as a Christmas Present

I'm a present and I can't wait til Christmas when kids open me because it is very dark in here and uncomfortable. It will be exciting when kids play with me.

I was sent in the mail by UPS to be given to kids. Now I have been hiding in a closet so the dog won't chew me up. I am feeling weird because I'm a weird shape so the wrapping paper is in a weird shape. I hope you're the kid to open me!

Can you guess what I am?


I have four wheels.

You control me.

If I was big you could drive me.

I have seats in me.

Kids play with me.

(Answer: I'm a remote control car!)

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A Poem for the Season


3rd grade has been wishing for snow for a long time, so I decided to make a snow poem!

snow snow

as white as the cloud

snow snow

soft to play with

snow snow

we like to eat you

snow snow

you cover us white

snow snow

we know that you come every December

snow we love you!

Have you ever wondered about snowflakes? Click below to find out more!

Letters to Santa

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a book character wrote a letter to Santa?

Here's what it might look like if the tortoise (from the fable The Tortoise and the Hare) wrote to him:


Dear Santa,

Can you make me some faster shoes? I need to have some faster shoes because the hare challenged me to a race. Oh no! I thought that was after Christmas, but it's now! Help! Please help!


Dear Santa,

Never mind about anything I said earlier. The shoes or anything. I don't need any of that. I won! It's a long story.

Long story short, Hare dozed off, and I crossed the finish line. Merry Christmas, Santa!



Happening this Week

The Annual Hand-to-Hand Sale Coming Soon!

Do you want to hear some breaking news? We've got some!

Since holidays are almost here, the hand-to-hand sale will be taking place here at Hiawatha School on December 17. Sports stuff, books, clothing, and more have been donated. All purchases will cost one dime (10 cents.)

The first graders will be so kind and participate by helping cash out. They will also join others with shopping. No worries if employees need some help. The third grade student council will be helping behind the counter!

Our school will be doing this for the local food shelf (Heavenly Food Pantry) to help families in need! To get all the canned goods, our first graders will be shopping at Price Chopper with all the dimes from the hand-to-hand sale. That is the news for now! See you next time!

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