Mrs. Turner's English Class

March 2013

The Year Is Almost Over!

I can't believe how quickly this school year has gone! We still have several exciting topics to cover before summer. Look forward to the following:

-Research skills (April-May)

-Public speaking skills (May)

-Subject/verb agreement (April)

-Sentence parts and types (March)

-Narrative writing (April-May)

Rund Rays Savings Books

Support the Library by selling some of these amazing books! The library receives $7.50 for each book $15 book that is sold. The last day to turn in money is March 21st. The top 25 sellers will receive a free day in the library (in addition to other amazing prizes.)

Theme and Setting Test

Thursday, March 13th, 12am

This is an online event.

This is the last test of the third quarter.

Phrases, Clauses, and Sentences Test

Tuesday, March 25th, 12am

This is an online event.