Deer Hunting: A Burning Passion

Deer Hunting In Wisconsin and Around The World


Some hunting accessories are more important than others, but some accessories are more essential than others. Some hunting accessories are things that you may need before you even see the deer. Those accessories are trail cameras, and deer attractants. Deer attractants may or may not be the best option to get the deer’s attention, depending on the area. Some brands of deer attractants are made by Wildgame Innovations, C’Mere Deer, Deer Cane, Primos, Antler King, and Code Blue. Some different types of attractants are made into slime, mineral, liquid, or ground up mineral. Trail cameras come in all different brands including Cuddieback, Wildgame Innovations, Bushnell, Moultrie, Primos, Tasco, Stealth Cam, and Reconix. These trail cameras allow hunters to manage their food plots and manage their deer health. People use their food plots to help the deer grow and make the deer grow their horns big and strong and sometimes even non-typical. Some people use tree stands and ground blinds that help the hunters stay covered and help the hunters stay hidden from the deer so they don’t see them. According to Summit Tree Stands, “Two Innovative choices can help you get to the top of your game, high in a tree and stay in cover”(1). According to Summit Tree stands, the key to a good deer hunting season is to stay high in a tree and stay in cover while you hunt (1).

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Deer hunting from a tree stand will maximize your chances of harvesting a deer.


When you are deer hunting, your weapon of choice is the key to your success. When you are deer hunting, you want to have a weapon that has the stopping power to knock down a nice trophy. Weapons are listed into different categories such as Rifle, Pistol, Bow Crossbow, Muzzleloaders and Shotguns. Then those categories are broken down into even smaller groups inside those groups with the types of weapons, listed in a form such as Light End, Medium and Heavy End. In the Rifle group, the Light End guns are mainly your first year/starter guns such as the .243 Winchester and the 30-30 Winchester. In the Middle are the guns that you use when you age past the Light End guns such as the .270 Winchester. And in the Heavy End group in the Rifles group, the .308, the 30-06 and the 7mm are the more experienced guns that people use around the world. People around the world also use Bows, Crossbows, Muzzleloaders, and Shotguns to deer hunt. According to William J. Clinton, “I am in support of the NRA position on gun control” (1). According to William J. Clinton, he supports the NRA’s position on gun control.

Shooting Is A Passion


Some things you many need for deer hunting are more important than you think. Some of the equipment that you may need for deer hunting is your clothes. Your clothes are the most important tool that you will use. The type of clothes you wear depends on the location and the conditions of the area. When you deer hunt, you have to wear clothes that cover you so that the deer won’t see you, as well as wearing safe colors so that other hunters in the woods see where you are so you don’t accidently get shot. When you deer hunt in cold locations or in cold weather, you may want to wear heavy clothes because it’s easier so get warm and stay warm than being very hot and then take layers off then being cold and not being able to warm back up. If you are in a location where the weather is warm, you may want to wear lighter clothes so you don’t become sweaty and dehydrated. Other equipment that you may need if you’re planning to stay out in the woods all day is snacks. You should bring snacks into the woods because if you don’t, you may go hungry from not eating all day. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, “Candy bars, especially those containing peanuts or peanut-butter, are great source of heat-producing fuel while on stand” (1). You should take snacks because it will keep you hydrated and will keep you moving. According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, if you’re going to stay in the woods for the day, it pays to take snacks.

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