Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Do you really know that much about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

Here's some information. :)

When a woman drinks alcohol or does drugs during pregnancy it can cause the child to be born with defects known as Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. This Syndrome can be diagnosed by a physician trained to look for these features.

What are some symptoms to note if a child seems to have FAS?

Some symptoms and indicators of this Syndrome are:

  • damage to the central nervous system that can cause mental retardation or severe learning disabilities
  • growth retardation that can be either prenatal or postnatal
  • different facial characteristics such as: epicanthal folds in the eye area, microcephaly (which is a small head), low nasal bridge, short palpebral fissures (inner cheek bones, right under their eyes), low set ears or minor ear anomalies, short nose, flat midface, indistinct philtrium, thin upper lip, small chin

Some deeper facts:

  1. There is no treatment for FAS
  2. A child with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome have severe cognitive disabilities and need special attention from educators
  3. ADA division of drug and alcohol abuse is an organization that can help parents that have a child with FAS

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