The Week Ahead in 3-215

October 26, 2015

Red Ribbon Week: Respect Yourself & Make Good Choices

This week, our school celebrates Red Ribbon Week, which is all about making good choices, especially when faced with difficult decisions. Our class will also be celebrating Global Random Acts of Kindness (#GRAK15) as part of the Global Read Aloud, in which we are participating. This is a great week to start a discussion with your child about ways to show kindness, even in difficult times, and how to stand up for yourself.

Each day this week, we will wear something to call to mind the good choices we should make.

Monday: "Put a stop to unhealthy choices:- Wear red.

Tuesday: "Be a JEANious and make wise choices"- Wear jeans

Wednesday: "Put a cap on unhealthy choices"- Wear a hat to school

Thursday: "SEM makes the best choices"- Dress your best

Friday: "Witch choice will you make? The best one!"- Wear your Halloween costume to school.

Library this week...Thursday, October 29th

Halloween Festivities at SEM

We will celebrate Halloween on Friday, October 30th. Students may come to school in their costume. There will be a parade in the morning and our class Halloween party will take place at 1:00 pm. You must let me or one of the class parents (Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Springer) know if you plan on attending. We are looking forward to a "spook-tacular" day!

Half Days and Parent Conferences this week!

Wednesday, October 28th and Thursday October 29th are half days this week. Students will be dismissed by 11:30. I am looking forward to meeting with you to discuss your child's progress in third grade. (Next Thursday, November 5th is also a conference day and a half day.)

Be Part of Our Blogs!

Students have become bloggers and would love to hear from you! Please go to this site: The join code is: kxwzmz It would be wonderful if you commented on your child's blog, as well as his/her classmates. Comments from the community make blogging really motivating!

Author Book Signings!

Our class has been reading the book Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt, as part of the Global Read Aloud. Lynda Mullaly Hunt and some other fantastic authors and illustrators are going to be at an event called Nerd Camp on November 7th. Nerd Camp is a conference for teachers here on Long Island, but there will be a book signing that is open for students to attend. Visit this link: Nerd Camp is being held at Willets Road School (455 I.U. Willets Road, Roslyn Heights). Students, supervised at all times by their parents, may come to the 2:30-3:30 author signing. I will be there! It would be great to see our students have the chance to meet some wonderful authors.
Sara Bareilles, Cyndi Lauper, Hoda Kotb’s ‘Truly Brave’ Music Video | TODAY

"Truly Brave"

In October, here at SEM, we think of what it means to be brave. This week, our class is also thinking about ways to show kindness. The video "Truly Brave" emphasizes being brave in difficult times but also being kind to each other and finding joy through friendship and supporting each other.

Curriculum Update!

Math- our new module begins with studying time and moving into elapsed time.

Writing- we are continuing to learn craft techniques and ways to improve the personal narratives are drafting. We also are blogging!

Science- we will begin our study of Plants and Animals, Past and Present.

Reading- we are learning what it means to read closely, setting goals for ourselves as readers, and taking on the 40 Book Challenge. We are participating the Global Read Aloud Project and discussing Fish in a Tree with classes across the country.

Word Study: We are learning rules for 1-1-1 words when adding suffixes.

Math Challenge!

The answer is 12 candy corn. What is the question? Think of a story problem where 12 could be the answer. If your child does this easily with addition or subtraction, challenge him/her to only use multiplication or division to get the answer! Send in your best story problems for your child to earn a Dojo point for showing that extra effort!
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