McCalla Updates

August 26 to September 17, 2021

Open House/Community Academy Post-poned

At the beginning of the year we planned to have our Open House on August 26. Due to changes in our assessment schedule, impact of COVID situations, and to be able provide more feedback to parents regarding the your student's learning expectations for this school year, we are going to post-pone our Open House/Community Academy until September. We will have two different events. One for PreK through 3rd grade and one for 4th, 5th, and Specials.

Please note that these events will be held virtually. More information will be shared within the next week.

Upcoming Fall Assessments

Kindergarten will complete the Alakids - Alabama Kindergarten Inventory of Developing Skills will start August 30 and will last until September 15.

For more information about Alakids see the link below:

1st-5th grade will begin the iReady Math and iReady Reading Assessment on September 1. These assessment must be completed at school and will provide feedback of the student's current status within the new grade level. These assessments will help drive instruction and classroom interventions.

The mClass/DIBELS reading assessement will be administered to Kindergarten and First Grade later in September as well. This assessment provides lots of details regarding basic reading foundational skills.

Mark your Calendars

August 30 Boys/Cub Scouts Student Interest Letters sent out

August 31 Boys/Cub Scouts Parent Meeting 6pm (McCalla Cafeteria)

September 6 Labor Day- School Closed

September 9 Progress Reports GO Home (1st-5th grade only)

September 14 PTA Virtual Meeting


Medication: Please do not send medication to school with students. All medication must be brought in by parents and given to the nurse. This includes cough drops and medicated lip balm.

Dress Code- please make sure students shorts are the appropriate length. We have lots of students wearing short length shorts and spaghetti strapped shirts. Also, students are not allowed to wear slides to school due to safety concerns. Tennis shoes or hard bottom shoes are best for them to play inside and outside.

Please see the dress code policy for JEFCOED for guidance.

Transportation: Please make sure students are aware of the bus rules. We also need parents to complete the bus cards and return them to the bus drivers so they can have information cards on all passengers. These cards are vital for bus drivers to make seating charts, phone calls to parents if needed, and use during emergency situations.

Registration: We have some parents who have not completed registration for this school period. Our Registrar has emailed as well as called those parents.

Due to the lack of completion of the students information, these kids and parents are not in Powerschool to get messages, be attached to a classroom roster, and we will not be able to provide their school device for instruction.

Anyone who has not completed registration by August 27, 2021 will be withdrawn.

If you have questions, please contact the office at 205-379-3750.

COVID updates for JEFCOED