Mysterious Powder

Lab Report


My group chose to do these tests: PR, PH, iodine, and vinegar. We tested PR with the mysterious powder because we wanted to know if it was a base or an acid. We found out that it was a base. Second we tested for the PH of the mysterious powder because even if we know it's a base we what to know the exact PH of the powder. My group found that it has a PH of 8. The third test we took was iodine. We tested iodine to test for starch. And we found out the powder was positive. Which means that it had starch in it. Finally we tested for vinegar. My group tested for vinegar because we wanted to see if it would fizz or not. And it did for 16 seconds!


We thought that the mysterious was a mixture of powder orange, green, and yellow. we thought it was these colors because when we did the PR test with the mysterious powder it turned a pinkish color and so did the orange and we think that it is in it because the PH was 8 and the mysterious powders PH was 8 too. My group thinks it's green because we remember from the iodine test green was the only one that was positive and the mysterious powder was positive also. We think yellow is because pretty much the same as orange we think yellow is in the mysterious powder because when we tested for the PR it turned a pinkish color and so did the mysterious powder.
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Vinegar Test

In this picture you will see the tools we had for the vinegar test you had the mysterious powder, vinegar, and a tooth pick for stirring both substances together. When the both substances are put together and stirred it fizzed for 16 seconds.