How Luna Could Have Lived

By Cassidy Keeven

Why the DFO/Government are at fault

The DFO/Government are at fault of Luna's death because they had been wasting time. Luna had too great of a chance of getting hurt and it continued on for way too long(Spong.2006).They waited 6 years, and if they would have reunited her with her pod as planned, she may not have died(Watson.2004). She bonded with the people of Nootka Sound. Also, if Luna was reunited with his pod at a younger age, the chances of his pod rejecting him would be less(McClure.2006). Having been so close with the residents, he wanted to say even more.

How Luna Could Have Lived

If the government would have captured Luna earlier, he would have been in a lot less danger. Chances are, his pod would accept him back, and he would've lived for many years to come. Even if he did not fit in with his family, he could have then been transported to an aquarium or sea show(Mapes. 2011). If in captivity, the attention on him would be continuous and familiar, the physical contact by humans that Luna was used to. In my opinion, his life should have lasted for a very long time yet.

What the Residents of Nootka Sound Thought

The Nootka Sound residents thought they were doing the right ting by giving Luna attention, but really, they were causing him to be in greater danger. If they left Luna alone, he would most likely not get so close to boats, so he probably would have lived if he had not gotten so comfortable at Nootka Sound.

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