Davies Dragon Pride Newsletter


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Upcoming dates

2/3 Marking Period 2 Report Cards Issued

2/14 and 2/15 Early dismissal (6-8)

2/14 Evening Parent Conferences

2/15 Afternoon Parent Conferences

2/16 Early dismissal (K-8)

2/17 Schools closed (Staff PD)

2/20 Schools closed (Presidents' Day)

3/3 Mid-Marking Period (6-8)

3/10 Interims issued (6-8)

3/16 Early Dismissal (K-8, Staff PD)

3/17 Schools Closed (K-8, Staff PD)

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Students of the Month

Congratulations to our December and January students of the month; you are role models to us all!



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Spelling Bee

On January 18th, 7th grader Christopher Caracci won the 2017 William Davies Middle School Spelling Bee with the word "rheumatic." 8th grader Sosha Reese came in second place.
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Tween Tech

On January 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls from Mrs. Green's STEM class and Mrs. Steinen's LMT class attended the 2nd annual Tween Tech conference held at Stockton University. Our students participated in activities such as The Chemistry of Modern Cuisine, Build a Flashlight, The Psychology of Science, Mystery Diagnosis, Solve a Murder with Forensics, and Bioplastics and Upcycling. It is important to show girls how important and fun STEM topics and careers can be, since so many girls lose interest by the time they reach high school. 74% of fifth grade girls are interested in STEM topics, yet women account for only 20% of the baccalaureate degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Tween Tech's goal is to change girls' perspective of these subjects so they stop internalizing the stereotypes that are so prevalent in our culture.
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Be sure to wish the Boys and Girls' Basketball teams good luck in the 35th Annual Basketball Tournament! The first round of games began Thursday, February 9th with both boys and girls' teams playing Absecon. Second round games will be Tuesday, February 14th or February 15th and the final games are on Thursday, February 16th. Go Dragons!


They're unstoppable! Congratulations to the Davies Wrestling Team for their undefeated season (so far)! Thank you to Mr. Brian Beck for recording the matches for all of us to see.
Davies vs Ocean City 2/6/17
Davies vs. Millville 2017

Track and Field

Track and Field sign ups are going on now. See Mr. Aleszczyk or Mrs. Hayden for the paperwork and any questions.
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Four of our students performed at Eastern High School on January 28th. Please congratulate Evelyn Husta (7th), Emma McErlain (8th), Billy Willman (7th), and Jonah Tedesco (8th) for a job well done.

Six Davies students auditioned and were accepted into the South Jersey Junior High Band.

They will perform on Sunday, March 5th at the Fernwood Avenue School in Egg Harbor Township.

Our students will perform in the Green Band which will be under Mr. Seigel's baton. Please congratulate the following students: Justin Haye (8th) on tympani, Nathan Mangold (7th) on percussion, Grant Johnson (8th) on alto saxophone, Rachel Bustard (8th) on clarinet, Lexi Phommathep (8th) on clarinet, and Samantha Ky (6th) on clarinet. This is quite an accomplishment!

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Math Counts

Ten of our students competed at the Math Counts event on January 28th at Rowan University, under Mr. Keller and Mr. Stanford's guidance and supervision. The MATHCOUNTS Foundation is a 501(c)(3) on-profit organization that provides engaging math programs to U.S. middle school students of all ability levels in order to build confidence and improve attitudes towards math and problem solving. Middle school students exist at a critical juncture in which their love for mathematics must be nurtured, or their fear of mathematics must be overcome. MATHCOUNTS provides students with the kinds of experiences that foster growth and transcend fear to lay a foundation for future success.
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Minecraft club got its start at the beginning of January and will run through the end of the year! The students were divided into two different sessions (Winter and Spring), and we will meet on activity bus days. So far we've been having lots of fun and we are thankful to have such great students acting as administrators for the club!

NJHS Pop Tab Collection

The William Davies Middle School National Junior Honor Society, in association with sixth grader Makenzie Gallagher, are collecting pop tabs for Ronald McDonald House (a non-profit organization). By collecting and then donating these tabs, the Ronald McDonald House is able to give them to a recycling company and receive money. With this money, they are able to provide free housing for families who have sick children while their children are in the hospital. Pop tabs are generally found on soda cans. However, they accept tabs from energy drinks, soup cans, and anything with a metallic tab. It is an easy way to support the worthwhile cause of the Ronald McDonald House. #Makenziestrong
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National Junior Honor Society

On January 12th, about forty students and staff worked hard to make 300 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the Atlantic City Rescue Mission. The Davies NJHS would like to thank Mrs. Swan and the Spanish club for their help in joining in. It's always great to have help with this (sticky) endeavor!
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How many of us get to say we met the president on vacation? 6th grade student Juliana Moss was on vacation with her family in Hawaii, when she had the opportunity to get up close with President Barack Obama. Since he is not a fan of the selfie, Juliana's mom snapped a few photos of her daughter shaking hands with the POTUS himself. Juliana said he had just been working out at the gym and that he was a really nice man.

10 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in Middle School

1. Attend Back To School Nights and Parent Conferences

2. Visit the school and its website

3. Support homework expectations

4. Send your child to school ready to learn with a good night's sleep and a healthy breakfast

5. Model and instill organization skills

6. Teach study skills and provide a distraction-free zone for studying

7. Know the Disciplinary and Bullying Policies

8. Get Involved in the PTO, chaperone dances, attend school board meetings. Be in the know!

9. Take attendance seriously

10. Stay connected - make time to talk to your child about school daily.

Source: KidsHealth.org

Healthy Tips for Healthy Living

Here are a list of announcements students will hear in the months of January and February:

  • Make the one New Year’s resolution you keep be to drink more water. Water helps clear up your skin, fills you up, makes you happier, and gives you energy!
  • Just Say NO to Corn Syrup! Avoid foods and drinks like sodas. They are high in calories and nutritionally empty.
  • Don’t eat the same old bland beige food every day; try to eat from the rainbow at least three servings each day.
  • Fruit juices and sports drinks contain ridiculous amounts of sugar--sometimes as much as soda. Some small bottles have two servings in each bottle, so take a look at the nutrition label and check out how many grams of sugar are included in each bottle.
  • Do you want to be smarter, faster, and stronger? Think about what fuel you choose to put in your body. Junk food does nothing for you, and in the long term will make you weak, gain weight, and have poor memory.
  • Here are some ideas on fun ways to exercise while we wait out the rest of winter: yoga, Just Dance (it’s free on Youtube!), walking back and forth 400 times in the mall, burpee challenges, ballet, jump roping, kickboxing, cleaning your room at top speed (okay, maybe that one’s not so fun…). Break up your routine and do something!
  • Instead of buying candy for your loved ones, think of healthy ways to show your love: make a fresh strawberry smoothie, help with chores, buy a tiny plant.
  • Grab some whole grains today! Some delicious whole grain foods include quinoa, farro, and brown rice, but also other yummy foods like bagels, cereal, pasta, tortillas, English muffins, crackers and bread. Just make sure they say whole grain or whole wheat! You’ll feel full much longer, too.
  • Brrr.... it’s still cold outside! This week is a great time to have vegetable soup for dinner with some fresh whole grain rolls on the side.

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Oakcrest Music Workshops (FREE!)

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Did you order your copy yet? The Davies Yearbook is still on sale, however there are a few deadlines coming up. You have until March 10th to order at www.smart-pay.com and you have until March 3rd to personalize your book by adding icons or purchasing accessories. Starting on March 11th, sales will begin at Davies. The price of the book is $30 cash only. Stop by Room A108 during homeroom to place an order. You cannot add personalizations when sales at Davies begin. If you have any sales questions, you can email Mrs. Carter at cartera@hamiltonschools.org. Also, keep in mind that we have sold out of books the last two years. Thank you for your continued support of the Davies Yearbook! #WeAreDavies

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