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Micro Enterprise

Blake Buchanan is the founder of the snowcone shop Bahama Bucks. He opened his first snowcone shop in Lubbock Texas. He had a volunteer sheet full of his close friends and family that would work to keep the shop open. Through the summer they worked and the buisness continued to thrive. Blake Buchanan used his family to keep his business running.

The buisness started off with just a small shack one machine and only a few workers. After years of hard work the business has grown and is now a chain that offers many new jobs for people in the community. At each of the locations which are always crowded there are many workers always working which is stimulating the economy.

There is a big money flow going from Bahama Bucks to the snow machine companies or the ice companies then the money goes from the customer to Bahama Bucks. From Bahama Bucks it goes to the workers which helps move the money around and is great for the economy and government. This business that started as just a micro enterprise and has now grown into a huge chain buisness that is thriving and continually growing. Blakes business changes the community because it creates a money flow, creates jobs for people, and it offers food for the customers.

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Ecotourism is tourism that is focused on wildlife, the enviornment, or helping an enviornmental cause. Ecotourism affects the enviornment in many good and bad ways. And these are some of the reasons that is help or hurts the enviornment.

Ecotourism can be very good for places like national parks like Yellowstone national park. There are requirements for how you have to behave and treat the park which means that the park is still well maintained while there is a solid flow of money coming in for the park. Yellow stones makes a profit off of many things because of ecotourism. It cost twenty five dollars to get in the park and it's good for the week. The park generally has three million visitors a year. This means that they made seventy five million dollars for just people coming into the park. This is a great profit for the parks and makes it possible for them to help the park grow in what ever ways it needs to.

Years ago the park needed to get control of the fish and animals in the park so they added 41 wolves to the park to help regulate the animal population. This was only possible because they have a frequent flow of money coming into the park and were able to buy and better the forest through this. Though there is a lot of good from ecotourism there are still bad things that can come from it. For instance one of these things is littering. This affects the enviornment in some negative ways this destroys the forst but fortunately this is not a huge problem for Yellowstone.Yellowstone Nationak Park is one of the nicest and most taken care of parks in the country and will continuer to thrive due to its great maintenance and all of its ecotourism.