Bulldog Bulletin

January 29, 2016

Charting the Course and Preparing the Way

We have completed data days for third, fourth, and fifth grade this week. The depth of the discussion, the thoughtful and intentional next steps for students, and the analysis of student data led to some changes in interventions and upcoming instruction. I appreciated the collaboration of each team as they celebrated successes and identified needs based on the data. Thanks to Ellen and Alyssa for their hard work in guiding you through the intervention piece and for securing the church and feeding us!! Looking forward to next week with kindergarten, first, and second grade!!

PBL Thought of the Week

Please read below. Jassica's excitement is contagious! Thank you for sharing with us, Jassica!

This week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend an Elkhart County “community vision” meeting at the Lerner Theatre that helped me broaden my own vision of what Project-Based Learning could look like with our students here at Model School.

Communities all over the United States, including our own, are working hard to help their citizens “love their community” by implementing projects that promote togetherness and pride in the cities where they live.

While the meeting itself was interesting, what really got me excited was seeing examples of projects that have already been implemented throughout the United States. In the community of Greenville, SC a high school senior named Jim Ryan proposed a project he called, “Mice on Main Street”. This project involved creating a map of the downtown area and a scavenger hunt for nine little mice that created by a local artist. This student-led project not only incorporated the standards and academics Jim learned in school, but also promoted community pride and togetherness. Perhaps what is even more exciting about this project is that it was turned into a children’s book called Mice on Main co-authored by Jim Ryan, the local artist, and a community member who really took pride in the projects effect on the community! To learn more about this project, check out the website http://jamcarthur.com/2012/09/12/mice-on-main-greenville-sc/

As many of you may already know, our new mayor Jeremy Stutzman is very open to ideas and projects that will help better our community and instill pride in our community members. As a teacher getting ready to implement Project-Based Learning, I am very excited to know that our local government is willing to partner with our schools to make our student-led projects both meaningful and empowering as our students help to promote change and pride in their own community!

Way to Go, Model School!!!!!

When Julie and Jenna came up with the idea of selling purple hair extensions to support Kaci, I am not sure any of us realized the way that the newspaper and social media could impact the outcome. As a post-script to the fundraiser, we received a call from United Cancer Services, a local organization, that supports people going through treatment in a variety of ways. They saw the article in the Elkhart Truth and want to reach out to offer their support to Kaci. Never underestimate how a seed idea can grow into a mighty oak!!

TLT News

TLT is moving into a mini-unit that will focus on the power of the post-conference to provide coaching support and specific feedback after a lesson is evaluated. As ALT prepares for this learning, it would be really helpful to have your feedback on how you have felt post-conferences have shaped and impacted your teaching. Your input will guide our learning.


Marching Toward 1:1

Monday begins our professional development to move us closer to our 1:1 initiative. Our learning will be aligned to the vision work we did as a staff. Michelle will be leading us in the basics of the device this month. As we acquire collective understanding about the device. our next step will focus on how to successfully integrate technology into our instruction. When we get to this piece, we will have differentiated learning opportunities to help us all take the next step in the journey of integration. Thank you, Michelle, for your leadership and collaboration to make this meaningful for everyone.

Upcoming Dates


Technology PD to prep for move to 1:1


Reading Camp begins for identified 2nd graders (3:00-4:00)

Kylene Beers Close Reading Conference (Lynne, Lisa, and teacher group gone)

TLT 3:00-4:30


Principals Retreat 9:00-2:30 (Lynne gone)

2-5 Cluster 3:00-4:00

ORFF Ensemble after school

9:00-11:30 - Understanding the SAMR Research for Technology Integration (Cheryl, Lisa gone)

K-1 Cluster 3:00-4:00