My Smore Flyer

By: Nicolas Calvache J.

Why is it important to recycle?

It is so important to recycle, because this is the only way that the nature continue, because as we know this process is the avoid that wastes continue damaging the world, and avoid the acumulation of wastes that are contaminating our nature.
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What is recycling's greatest economic benefit?

In now days the fabrication of things is more cheaper whit recycled materials, for example:

using fresh aluminum costs twice as much as using recycled aluminum. This is because that to extract aluminum from its raw forms needs a lot of energy to extract.

Another benefit is that recycling creates a lot of jobs such as transporting, processing and selling recovered materials.

This is an advantage because with more jobs in the world, the more the economy will increase.

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What are the environmental benefits of recycling?

Recycling helps a lot to the environment, because if the accumulation of wastes is reduced, these wastes will not contaminate: the air, the water, the ground and the nature in general.

And if there are no wastes to burn or destroy the co2 that this process produce, the air of our world would not be contaminated or damaged.

Website learning

In this web page we can observe how will a utopia city look like, in this case an utopia about the recycling process.

In this webpage i also learn that whit the strategies that this web give the recycling process could be done in ecxellent conditions, and that its possible that the human live making wastes but reusing them and preserving the nature.

And also this web shows a lot of ways that the human can recycle almost every material of this world, and how to reuse them and to give them a new use.