OELC Staff Weekly Updates

Progress Delayed Isn't Progress Denied! 2/1/16

What's Happening Now?

Learning from Experience!

Have a vision not clouded by fear!

Weekly Updates

Sorry for the delay. The past two weeks--where have they gone? Plus, the internet at work has really been hit or miss. Excuses Be Gone Wayne Dwyer stated in one of his most popular books. "I'll do better!"

*You should update your Outlook folder to ensure you are receiving messages and check your outbox to make sure you do not have any "sent" emails that are "pending." *

Data Analysis Meeting

We ((Lydia Ronner) will host another data analysis meeting February 22nd from 4:00-4:45 in room 2. As a program of excellence, we must host three data meetings a year: the first one is to inform parents of our initial data, the second one is to establish goals for the school year and the third one is to evaluate our progress.

No School for Students

Remember let families know that there is NO SCHOOL on February 15th. Complete the contact log. You do not have to "write emailed each student" you can write emailed complete class on 2.5.16, write posted flier on sign-in sheet and on door and call the parents in your small group (EC) or call five families for the next eight school days. Each teacher in your ED program can call five families a day; consequently, your team can contact 10 families a day if there are two staff, or 15 families if there are three staff. Each person must document the families they contacted on the log. Turn in the log on the 15th at our staff meeting.

Staff Meeting

February 15th (9:00-9:50)

Topics to be discussed: Licensing with Pam Andrews (10:00-10:50), Team Meetings (11:00-12:00), lunch on your own (12:00-12:30) and Cultural Sensitivity with Dr. Jay Marks (12:30-3:00)

Kindergarten Move Up/Parent Informational Meeting

January 22nd @ 5:00-5:45 pm in OES Media Center

Open Discussion with Superintendent Throne

January 22nd @ 6:00-8:00 pm in OES Media Center

Video Cameras

Starting February 8th, staff should wear the video camera (Loochie) during work hours: any paid time/work time/planning time--not lunch and of course not personal hygiene time. Remember to charge your cameras daily-while you are on break and at night. I will ask you to send a video for a certain day. You can upload the video to a Google doc. This is not an optional request. In order to ensure excellence, we have to be reflective.

Budget-This is how we will pay for it!

I am so glad that I said "contingent." Just an update. believe it or not, "I believe" our budget will be entered into Skyward this week. Then orders can be finalized. Two new orders were submitted: Owl Babies and Dinos. Orders will be placed at the beginning of each month (contingent on the budget). The following orders were placed AS SOON AS THE BUDGET IS ENTERED-PINKY PROMISE. Sorry for the delay. Beki will notify you when your supplies come in: GSRP CLK order dated 11.6.15, GSRP LEO order dated 10.21.15 and a storage bin for bikes, toddler class some of the items from 10.13.15 and PSO order dated 8.25.15. A hard copy of your order should be given to Beki, upon approval, she will place your order.


Your W2 was mailed last week. Please check your mail. You can always view your W2 in Skyward under Employee Information.

GSRP Fiscal Audit

The state will be auditing Oakland County GSRP budgets, starting 2.1.16.


Remember to enter your time in Skyward daily. If the internet is down, enter your time the next day. You should write a comment in the note section indicating why you are entering your time late. You have to continue using the paper time sheets, until you hear otherwise. Additionally, time off request should be entered into Skyward, as well as completing the Time Off Request Form located in the front pocket of the binder with the time sheets.

Skyward-Time Off Request

If you are leaving early, or requesting time off, you need to notify Sue Roeher and your teaching partners. Sue's information is below. When you enter your time off in Skyward, you must enter who is subbing for you. If no sub is needed, you must indicate that too.

Skyward Questions

If you have questions about True Time or Time Off Request, please let me know in the comment section below. I will collect all of the questions and ask Angie. If we have numerous questions, I will have Angie come to our staff meeting to address all of your concerns.

Running Late

You need to notify Sue and your teaching partners when you are running late, even if it is only a few minutes (5, 10 or 15 minutes).

Family Contact Log

You should have at least three forms of contacts with families: email the complete class, calling individual families and posting flier on door/clipboard. Logs are due on the 15th. Bring it with you to the staff meeting and give it to Beki.

HOT TOPIC: Using video cameras to improve our quality?

Share your thoughts and ideas for improvement.

Active Supervision Webinar

Watch the webinar. It will provide tips that can be used in classrooms and on playgrounds.

Licensing Update

2016 Renewals


Rule of the Week- 400.8125(1)

Staff and volunteers.
(1) All staff and volunteers shall provide appropriate care and supervision of children at all times.

Licensing frequently receives reports of children leaving a facility unnoticed or of children being left at a field trip location. Please review the rule above and make sure you are providing appropriate care and supervision of all children-at all times.


We have had two serious incidents within the last month. In order to reduce injuries, please review the webinar above.

Hand-washing Steps

Make sure you have a hand washing poster up in your restroom. This is a licensing mandate.

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Updated 2016 Calendar (click the brown link below)

2016 Calendar

Please hover over the dates to see upcoming events/activities.

Extended Day Updates

2/2 -- Groundhog Day

2/7 -- Super Bowl

2/8 -- Chinese New Year

2/11 -- National Inventors' Day

2/12 -- Abraham Lincoln's Day

After School Alliance Webinars

Watch one of the webinars and write a summary paragraph for a 30 minute training certificate. Sign up for your own account and get an additional 15 minutes My username is my oxford email address.

Early Childhood Updates

Preschool to Kindergarten Transition Survey for Preschool and Kindergarten Teachers

Let’s collaborate!

Successful preschool to kindergarten transitions are multi-faceted and often require communication and collaboration between schools and agencies.

What are the implications for successful transition collaborations if preschool teachers, kindergarten teachers, and their respective early learning settings hold different expectations for the skills children should demonstrate at kindergarten entry?

The McCormick Center is launching the Competencies at Preschool Kindergarten Transition study to learn more about the degree of alignment between the expectations of preschool and kindergarten teachers. The results of the study will help highlight leadership opportunities to support effective preschool to kindergarten transitions.

Early Childhood Survey

Please complete survey before February 5th.

COR: New Kindergarten Entry Assessment (KEA)

How do you think this will impact our early childhood programs?

Where to Go For Help?

Washea Jackson, Director cell 248-622-8753, office 248-969-5047
Sue Roeher, Program Coordinator cell 810-614-0070, office 248-969-5036
Pat Mueller, Education Coordinator cell 248-221-0920, office 248-969-5082
Pam Andrew, Parent Coordinator (off)
Beki Story Office Administrator office 248-969-5038

2015/2016 Approved Subs

Destiny Bunton 616-802-4042
Loretta Christenson 248-276-0691
Miranda Chambers 248-535-0584
Jan Garreston 248-628-4218
Dorothy Graham 248-236-0361 and 248-464-0788
Kim Keenan 248-462-1304
Denise Nicholas 248-672-7886

Help Desk-Jason French 969-1898

Maintenance Linda 969-5078

OELC Staff Meeting

Monday, Feb. 15th, 9am

105 Pontiac Street


You must RSVP for the staff meeting. If you can not make it, you must notify Sue and decline this event.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.