Science Energy Project

Solar Panels in Our School

Solar Panels are Panels That Take in Sunlight and Convert it into Energy


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Our Current Cost for Energy is $0.99 per Kilowatt

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What we will Need

  • Solar Panels
  • Retractable System to Protect Panels
  • Generators
  • Covers

How do they work?

  • The basic unit of a solar panel is a solar cell. When struck by the photons in sunlight, the solar cell generates an electrical charge due to the "photovoltaic effect.”
  • The flow of these electrons moves in a steady electrical current from one side of the cell to the other.
  • Dozens of the cells are packed together into solar modules, which are packaged together again and they become solar panels.
  • They are arranged on a rooftop to get the most possible sunlight. It is DC (direct energy) and is sent to an inverter that turns it into the energy we use every day.
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Where will They go?

  • Solar panels are placed to get the most amount of sun light possible, to know where to put it, we would need to know how much space it would take up, and to know that we would need to know how many we need.

  • Since we are a school we use A LOT of energy, so we will need a lot of solar panels.
  • So we will need a lot of space.
  • They can not go the roof, because they need the right angle.
  • They will need a big open area with no shade.
  • They will be on poles sticking out of the ground.


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How will we pay it off?

Each day we will use 80% of the energy produced by the solar panels. We will give the 20% back to the company that we bought the solar panels from(if they accept). This allows us to pay off our debt that we used will gaining money without buying energy from a producer.

Where we will get it, and the cost

  • Solar panels - $7700
  • System - $9000
  • Installation - $7500
  • Permits/Fees - $4500

Our current cost is $0.99 per kilowatt and the new cost will be $6500 per kilowatt.

The full cost is $28700

Who will install it?

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Who will we need permission from?

School Board

Approval of District