What's killing the dog

By: Lydia Wehrspann and Holly Mueller


Life cycle

-The growth of bacteria begins in lag phase and which copies of DNA are generated. In the log or exponential phase, the bacteria multiply rapidly through binary fission. Bacterial growth slows down in the stationary phase and in the final death phase; the ability to reproduce is lost.

Health uses

-With modern advances in plumbing and sanitation, the development of bacterial vaccines, and the discoveries of antibacterial antibiotic, the incidence of bacterial disease has been reduced.

Living Space

-Bacteria are found in almost every environment since they are able to survive in many different habitats. They can be found in soil, plants, on animals, and inside them and in the air. They are able to survive in extreme temperatures and can live with or with out oxygen.


-They can come in many shapes and sizes.


Life Cycle





Health Uses

-On medicine (inherited diseases and cancer meds)

Living Space

-They need to be in a host to exist

-Only can be out side of host for a little while


-Nucleic acid

-Either DNA or RNA (but not both)

-Protein coated

-Some are inclosed by an envelop of fat & protein molecules