Noticias de la Semana

January 18 - 22, 2015

Academic Update

Math: Tema 9 is a mix of finding the pattern of number sequences, tables, and shapes as well as equal/unequal (10+2 < 18-3). A couple of the lessons this week include: geometric patterns and equal/unequal.

Literacy: For the new writing project, students are researching a Spanish speaking country and creating an informational brochure. This week, students will be starting their research!

Intercambios: The third graders are starting with Sra. Trelles this week. They are studying the physics of sound!

Spelling: This week, students will be taking the Words Their Way inventory. They completed the initial inventory earlier in the fall. Taking it again will allow me to see student progress and help me determine if changes would be helpful in how we engage in word work at school.

MIA Field Trip!

MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Art) field trip (Jan 21)– It’s very important that students are on time on Thursday because we need to board the bus by 9:20am in order for us to be at the museum on time. If your child comes to school by car make sure that you drop him/her off by 9:10am. It's a tight schedule!

Also, please make sure that your child is wearing a long sleeve, such a hoodie. We have to leave our jackets on the bus and walk across the courtyard. That walk can be particularly chilly if your child is only wearing a t-shirt under their jacket. Brrr!!

Chaperones: We will see you at the entrance to the museum in the lobby area. You can also ask for the FRC room. This is where we will start our tours at 10am. If you’re running late, give me a call.

Monday smile :-)

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