Thomas Gallaudet

Schools for deaf

Thomas Gallaudet was born in 1787 and died in 1851 at 64 years old

Thomas Gallaudet wanted to be a youth minister when he was, but due to health problems he couldn't. He went to Yale and got his Bacholars degree in 1805 and his Masters degree the next year then he was 19. He wanted to study law or be in trade, but after a two year course Andover Theological Seminary he became a preacher.

His life and how he reformed America

His family

Thomas was one out of twelve brothers and sisters. He mairred Sophia Fowler and had eight kids. He died due to poor health.

Why he became a reformer for deaf people

Thomas Gallaudet met his neighbor’s daughter, Alice Cogswell, and saw that she was deaf. He wanted to teach her different objects and their names. He got interested in teaching deaf kids to communicate.

What he did

Thomas was asked be Alice's father to go to Europe to study new ways to teach deaf people. Gallaudet went to europe and studied and learned sign language. He asked Laurent Clerc, a deaf teacher in europe, to come back to america with him. Together, Gallaudet and Clerc toured New England and went to goverments to try to make schools and colleges for the deaf. Many of the schools and colleges he started are sill around today