Junie B. Is Coming to Spearman!

January 13th

Junie B. Jones the Musical

We are so fortunate to have the Greenville Little Theatre's Junie B. Jones the Musical coming to our school on Wednesday, January 13th. While going on a field trip is fun, making arrangements and coordinating the details can sometimes be a logistical nightmare. So we've decided to take an "in-house field trip" instead, and have the play come to us. That way our entire student body can participate and enjoy it.

In order to bring the musical to our school, we are asking that each child contribute $3.00 for the cost of the "field trip". While we know that every child will not bring in the requested money, we are hoping to at least off-set the cost to make it more affordable. All children will be allowed to watch the show whether they have paid the money or not.

I will be placing in your boxes a form to go home to parents advertising the show and asking for the $3.00. I would like for each of you to please add a note to your classroom newsletters reminding the parents and students of it as well. I will work with Mr. Lesley to create notices for our social media accounts letting the parents know about the show.

I'm excited about the musical! Those of you who saw Miss Nelson Is Missing when the theatre came to us before will remember how the students of all grades enjoyed it. It is a special treat that Miss Granner's brother is one of the cast members as well! Please help to talk up this event, and I appreciate in advance your helping get the word out about the $3.00 cost. I have sent each of you an email with the flier for the musical and a teacher's guide attached as well.