Canvas and the New Turnitin LTI

Live January 1st, 2017

Dear Faculty and Staff,

Canvas is an open sourced platform. Being open sourced allows Canvas to provide institutions with over 200 applications that function within the platform. One such provider is Turnitin which is used extensively at Stritch for plagiarism checking of student papers. Canvas has no control over these providers and how they update or maintain their applications. Turnitin is sunsetting the current version of Turnitin within Canvas. The current version is being replaced at the end of this year and the new version we'll call Turnitin LTI will be the new tool within Canvas. The current tool will no longer work starting January 1st, 2017.

We are informing faculty and staff now that the tool is changing as this directly impacts every assignment within Canvas that utilizes our current version of Turnitin. Every assignment that uses our current version of Turnitin will need to be edited and the new Turnitin LTI tool selected BEFORE the assignment can be used with students after January 1st, 2017.

The good news is we have enabled the new Turnitin LTI within Canvas so faculty and staff may begin editing their assignments NOW for their future use with the new tool.

OIS Technology Help Desk will be available to help faculty and staff and they can be reached by emailing or by calling 414-410-4600.

Students will not need to change anything they are doing to submit assignments to the new Turnitin LTI. The process remains the same while the look has been updated. The Turnitin LTI will allow students to upload most file types and documents from their Google Drive.

It is recommended to plan ahead for this move to the new Turnitin LTI especially if you are a heavy user of the current Turnitin application.
Turnitin LTI App in Canvas LMS - For Teachers

Within the new Turnitin LTI, there are the following limitations:

  • Group Assignments
  • Assignments with multiple due dates or differentiated dates
  • Multiple Submissions
  • Files larger than 40 MBs
  • Files with less than 25 words or over 400 pages

Preparing for the new Turnitin LTI

  • Any originality reports from any previous course that the instructor feels should be saved for future accessing should be downloaded out of Canvas PRIOR to January 1st, 2017 as those originality reports will NOT be available once the new Turnitin LTI is in place.

  • Instructors should view the Turnitin LTI training videos and pdfs PRIOR to making any edits to any assignments.

  • For best results, instructors are encouraged to copy the content of their current course into a Spring 2017 course shell and make all edits within the spring course.

  • Every assignment that used the legacy Turnitin tool will need editing if the instructor wishes for the students' work to be checked for plagiarism with the new Turnitin LTI tool.

  • For most assignments this will require the instructor to edit the assignment and change the submission type from Online to External Tool.

Dates and the new Turnitin LTI

  • If the assignment does not have an Available date, the default date that the assignment is available and open to student submissions will be the day PRIOR to the day the assignment was saved with the new Turnitin LTI.

  • If the assignment does not have a Due date, the default Due date will be one week after the assignment was saved with the new Turnitin LTI.

  • The Feedback from Turnitin consists of a colored icon that displays to the students under their Grades report. When clicked, the icon displays the originality report from Turnitin. The Feedback date will default to exact same date/time as the Due date set by the instructor. If the instructor wishes for the Feedback to be delayed, the Feedback Release date should be altered within the Turnitin assignment settings.

  • Late submissions are allowed within the Turnitin tool. If the instructor would like to allow late submissions, please remember to add an Until date to the assignment otherwise late submissions will be allowed indefinitely.