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The issue of today!!!!!

The United States of America has opened up relations with Cuba. America has finally established a running embassy in Havana, Cuba. However, America and Cuba still have the Embargo act between them hopefully they will get that act taken care of and get that problem resolved.

Branch of Government Dealing With the Issues Between America and Cuba.

These issues between The United States and Cuba have been dealt with by America's executive branch.

Checks and Balances Being used? How?

In Cuba there are no Checks and Balances and this is because of the communist rule. However in The United States Checks and Balances have to be used to solve/resolve any issues that come up. America has checks and balances because all of their branches are equal so they have checks and balances to help agree on how to solve the issue.

Which Part of the Constitution is Being Used????

The Amendment of 1901 otherwise known as the Platt Amendment.

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