Veterinary Science

We speak for creatures who can't speak for themselves

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What do most of the students who graduate from the vet science program do after high-school?

Most of our students go onto 2 or 4 year colleges/universities to pursue a degree in veterinary technology or work towards a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. We have senior students this year ALREADY accepting admissions/applying to: The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, Wooster College, Hocking College, Coastal Carolina University, University of Chicago and MORE!

We have also had students who do not attend college who immediately went onto work in industry as a veterinary assistants, go onto grooming and/or animal training school.

What am I qualified to do after graduation?

After completing our program you will be a very well qualified veterinary assistant. A veterinary assistant can participate in patient restraint, procedures and entry-level medical skills. It is most easily compared to an STNA/CNA in a human hospital.

What qualities should an incoming student have?

  • Passion for animals and their medical care
  • Team-Player, ability to work closely with others
  • Positive Attitude
  • Strong Work Ethic
  • Strong Study Skills
  • Willingness to work in high-pressure environments
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About Mrs. Peloe:

  • Veterinary Science Program Instructor

  • I am a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT)

  • I have my bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Cincinnati, but I started at Xavier University. I am currently going to school online to get my Masters in Education.

  • I worked full-time to support myself while going to college.

  • I have worked with animals as tiny as Crickets to as large as Manatees

  • I have worked at 5 different vet clinics. I started out working as a kennel assistant at 15 years old. My most recent job was the hospital manager and charge nurse (head veterinary technician)

  • I have worked at the Cincinnati Zoo

  • I have worked at PetSmart

  • I have worked in a pharmacy and for a clinical research organization

  • I founded a successful dog rescue and rescued over 300 dogs in just 2 years.

About Ms. Bellotti:

  • Veterinary Science Program Assistant

  • I graduated from WCCC’s veterinary science program

  • I currently attend distance learning program at St. Petersburg College to become an RVT

  • I have worked at 3 different horse stables over the past 8 years

  • I have worked in small animal medicine

  • I have worked in an exotic practice

  • I volunteer with local animal rescues/shelters

  • I currently work in a general small animal practice