Print Pole Posters

Make your message compact without losing your impact

Why choose pole posters?

Pole posters are easy to fit virtually anywhere - on poles or on narrow patches of walls. They are great at grabbing your audience's attention, because they can be put in many places at eye level and usually have no bigger posters around to blanket them.

What posters are available?

All pole posters are sized 840mmX300mm and they can come in many colours and designs.

One single design is great, but it might not always reach the maximum result possible. So just for now we offer you to bulk two different full colour designs for less!

What are the prices?

We can give you twin packs of 500 pole posters, each with a different design, all for $990 - that's only $0.99 each!

Need more? Get one of our bigger packs!

Order twin packs of 1,000 posters each for $1,280, only $0.64 per poster;


Pick twin packs of 2,000 posters each for $1,620, just $0.41 per poster.

What about delivery?

We can deliver your posters overnight to any place in the country!

How do I order?

Place your order by calling us at 1300 662 502! One of our outdoor advertising experts will tell you everything you want to know about our poster choices and help you choose the best option.

We're open till 9PM - so call us anytime!

Would rather contact us through e-mail? No problem!

Click here to send us a message!