First Grade Newsletter

Week of...Sept. 10th - Sept. 14th

Upcoming Events!

Sept. 10th- Grandparents Day

Sept. 10th- 14th Book Fair

Sept. 17th - 21st- Celebrate Freedom Week

Sept. 21st- End of First Grading Period

Sept. 21st- Homecoming Pep Rally (Wear Brock Blue & Gold)

Sept. 24th- No School!

Oct.1st-31st- Parent Conferences

Oct. 3rd Fall Pictures

Oct. 8th- NO SCHOOL!

Oct. 12th- Fall Festival 5:30-8:00 (Drawings start at 7:30)

Oct. 15th-19th School Safety Week (Guest Speaker at Fly Friday)

Oct. 23rd- Movie Night

Oct. 29th-Nov. 2nd Red Ribbon Week

Book Fair!

When: Sept. 10th - 14th

Where: Brock Elementary Library

Needs: Parent Volunteers (contact your child's teacher to volunteer)

Grandparents Day!

When: Sept. 10th

Time: 8:00- 8:30 am

Where: Brock Elementary Cafeteria

What: Donuts and Juice in the Cafeteria and visit the Book Fair

***Grandparents are welcome to enter the building AT 8:00 am. Entrance before 8:00 am will not be allowed***

Fly Friday & Hat Day

Fly Friday- Fly Friday takes place every Friday morning. If students arrive before 7:40 they will need to go to the gym. Students who arrive after 7:40 will go straight to the Gym for Fly Friday. All students will attend Fly Friday.

Hat Day

For $1, your child is allowed to wear a ball cap (not a crazy hat). The money raised will go towards technology for our campus.

Character Trait!

Wear YELLOW/ GOLD on Wednesday!

Every 6 weeks we will talk about a different character trait. This 6 weeks our character trait is RESPECT.

Students that wear the color YELLOW/ GOLD on Wednesday's will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a prize from the office!

The color will change every 6 weeks.

This Week in First Grade...


Math: Use symbols to compare


Phonics: Letter sound: z and buddy letter qu

Writing: Bringing What's Inside Out: Making Characters Think and Feel

Science/ Social Studies: How Scientist Work


Math: Greater Than or Less Than


Phonics: Drill sounds and alphabetical order

Writing: Using Drama to Bring Stories to Life

Science/ Social Studies: How Scientist Work


Math: Order Numbers on a Number Line


Phonics: Unit 1 Assessment

Writing: Using familiar words to spell new words

Science/ Social Studies: How Scientist Work


Math: Pre- Assessment


Phonics: Drill sounds & tapping to read words

Writing: Editing capital letters and end marks help

Science/ Social Studies: How Scientist Work


Math: Module 2 Assessment
Reading: Review lessons from the week


Writing: Review lessons from the week

Science/ Social Studies: Social Studies Unit 4 Good Citizen