Pep Rally Day Dress Code

St. Gabriel School ..... November 19, 2015

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Thursday, November 19th, we will be having our Fall School Pep Rally, to celebrate and honor our fall CYO sports. Everyone may dress out-of-uniform, and try to wear school colors, red, black, and/or white. All students on school sports teams may wear their team jerseys or other team tops, with short sleeves or long sleeves under any tops that are sleeveless. Students may also wear school Spirit Wear or Grizzly wear, or Ohio sports team wear (Cavs, Browns, OSU). Pants can be jeans or other casual long pants (no shorts or short skirts) -- see guidelines below, and the “Non-Dress Uniform” guidelines, on p. 14 in the School Handbook.

Pep Rally Out-of-Uniform Guidelines:

  • Shoes
    • Gym shoes or school shoes
    • No sandals
  • Pants
    • Jeans or long pants or slacks or capris below the knees
    • No shorts, no sweatpants, no knit, stretch, or yoga pants, no jogging pants, no pants with holes or rips
    • No leggings or tights or yoga pants.
  • Tops
    • Short or long sleeve shirts - no sleeveless or tank tops or sleeveless sports jerseys, unless worn over a shirt with sleeves
    • May be spirit t-shirts (t-shirts can be worn over turtleneck shirts or other shirts), or school team shirts or jerseys, or “Grizzly Wear”, or any nice shirt, with school colors if possible
  • No hats or caps

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