Carl Jung Named Most Influential

How his new form of therapy is taking the world by storm


Carl Jung, the father of modern psychoanalysis, has been named one of the most influential psychologists ever. After proving that the unconscious mind is a driving force behind many human behaviors, it unlocks an entirely new method of treatment for therapists to explore. The discovery and explanation of many driving factors of personality and preference gives counselors the ability to assess clients and understand more of their personal subconscious process of thought. This gives therapists the ability to treat disorders and problems on a much more personal level, and are able to apply individual treatment where they see fit, instead of giving broad solutions to specific problems.

The better therapy solution

Psychoanalysis has proved to be extremely useful for family settings, personal problems, and the treatment of mental illness. Its versatility and effectiveness have given it a reputation no other treatment can match. The personal nature of the therapy gives it something that can benefit everyone, and is a method of problem solving that everyone should try when they need someone to help them with an issue/trauma.

Best treatment available