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Baking & Pastry Arts Program's Annual Gingerbread House Design Competitions

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CMTHS Thanks Mr. Mitch Kijak

Mr. Kijak has been a part of our CMTHS community for a while now, having been a substitute teacher, serving as a Public Safety OAC Member, and most recently as EMT support, helping to keep our building safe during the pandemic. Mr. Kijak is leaving us to take on another position, but we hope we’ll still see him at OAC meetings! We are grateful for all he has done for us. Best of luck in your new endeavors Mr. Kijak!
IT'S TIME TO GET AFTER IT! - Powerful Motivational Speech for Success - Eric Thomas Motivation
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John Dewey once said, "We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience".

With the holidays right around the corner, let us take some time to relax, clear your mind, turn your phone off and hide from the adults if you must. Use that moment of quiet and isolation to think back on all that has happened either in your day, week, month, year, or life. - Mr. Hughes-Networking Instructional Assistant

HS Students from Lee County, FL Share Thoughts on Distance Learning

H.S. students share thoughts on distance learning

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