Sunset Park News

October 2019

Principal's Pen

Dear Families!

The start of the school year continues to go well! We have many exciting events taking place during the month of October. Please see the the dates below:

We hope you will join us at the Family Fun Day on Saturday, October 12 from 10 am - 12 pm. Thank you to our sponsors for hosting this event at no cost to our families. We will also have Spirit Night at Salsarita's on Thursday, October 17. Please stop by between 4 pm and 8 pm for dinner. Spirit Night will support PTO efforts for our school.

October 2-3rd grade to DISC golf

October 3-5th grade to DISC golf

October 4-4th and 5th grades to South Pointe for performance

October 7-SIC/PTO Meeting @ 5:30-6:45

October 10-First grade Parent Night @ 5:30

October 12-Sunset Park Family Fun Day @ 10 am - 12 pm

October 14-K-2 Litter Trashes Everyone Program @ 9:00 am

October 15-Kindergarten Parent Night @ 5:30 pm

October 16-School Pictures (uniforms must be worn)

October 17-Terrific Kids @ 9 am

October 17-Spirit Night at Salsarita's from 4 - 8 pm

October 18-1st grade Writing Celebration 11:20-11:50 am

October 24-5th grade to Biltmore House

October 25-Fall Dress Down Day (wear your orange, white, or black with jeans/shorts)

October 31-PBIS Celebration

Thank you all for your support!

Children First,

Dr. Barnes


If you would like to sign up to become a workroom volunteer, please complete the like below.

-Mrs. Johnson, PTO President

Mrs. Brown

SPCAS students just finished up the Growth MAPs assessments for all students in grades 1st-5th. Teachers will begin to notify parents of students’ RIT scores for all areas assessed on MAPs. Teachers will use this data to discuss your child’s instructional levels at Parent/Teacher conferences coming up in October.

To better understand MAPs growth, please review the information below.

  1. SPCAS administers MAP Growth twice a year to all students (fall & spring). Some students may take the assessment in the winter as well to assist teachers in identifying students’ instructional level.
  2. The MAPs assessment is adaptable. Adaptable means as the student answers correctly, questions get harder. If the student answers incorrectly, the questions get easier. By the end of the test, students will have answered enough questions to inform a teacher about what they know and what they’re ready to learn.
  3. MAP Growth is grade independent, which means teachers and parents can see where a child is performing relative to grade-level – not merely if they are at grade level or not.
  4. MAP Growth assesses math and reading for all grades (Language is optional by the teacher)
  5. MAP Growth usually takes less than an hour to complete – but is not timed. Students can take as much time as needed.
  6. The score your child receives is called a RIT score. You’ll be able to see your child’s RIT score progress from test to test, and year to year.
  7. The RIT score can be connected to online resources, such as Khan Academy for math exercises and to determine what books might be at the appropriate reading level. You can even plug their RIT score into our College Explorer tool to see what colleges your child is on track to attend.

Front Office News

Attendance MATTERS! Students miss valuable class time in the morning when they do not arrive on time. Every minute counts! They do not have those extra minutes prior to class to store their bookbags and lunches and prepare for the day. Did you know we talk about the number of tardies we have daily? The number is announced each afternoon during our end of day announcements and the number will be posted on the sign which can be seen when you pick up in car line. Our tardy goal is ZERO daily!

Remember if you would like for your child to eat breakfast in the cafeteria they must arrive prior to 7:30 am. Please remember to send in excuses if your child is absent. Five parent notes can be accepted each year for absences that do not require a trip to the doctor and all medical notes are accepted. If your child has 10 unexcused tardies or 3 consecutive unexcused absences or 5 unexcused absences, we are required to have you come in and conference with administration and an Attendance Intervention Plan is written.

We will begin attendance prizes soon, October 1. These prizes are given weekly and students who have not been tardy are eligible to win a prize. One prize for grades K-2 and one prize for grades 3-5.

Can we Achieve ZERO Tardies? And let’s go for ZERO Absences

Accelerated/Gifted Learning

What can parents do for their child?

Each child has strengths in certain areas, whether in math; language arts; physical, natural, and social sciences; music; visual and performing arts; leadership; athletics; philanthropy; or some other field. To help bright children discover what they do best, we need to help them explore their interests and abilities.

At home

• Be attentive to your child’s comments and observations.

• Create an environment that promotes self-expression.

• Help him to develop skills and interests, for example, in plant science, animal care, electronics, carpentry, mechanics, law, design, and crafts.

• Encourage her to explore the beauty of diverse cultures—through language, poetry, story, song, dance, puppetry,cooking, and crafts.

• Promote exploration and discovery.

• Emphasize effort and progress rather than perfection.

• Show your child how errors can be opportunities to discover and learn.

• Model positive ways to address setbacks and solve problems.

• Instill ways to help your child understand and regulate emotional reactions.

• Promote a healthy lifestyle.

• Demonstrate how to serve your community.

(Excerpt from NAGC: Helping Your Gifted Child Succeed)

At Sunset Park CAS, we work to create high expectations, clear goals and a rich rigorous curriculum for each and every child. We strive to make students understand the importance of the process more so than the product. We want to partner with parents to help our students succeed in each aspect of their educational career. Please reach out to myself or your child’s teacher throughout the year for guidance, advice, or concerns.

-Mrs. Blackwell

Counselor's Corner

Things are really starting to fall into place for our 2019-2020 school year! I will be starting small groups for both female and male students that have been identified with a specific need by either their classroom teacher, another staff member and/or their parent(s). Parents/guardians please note, a letter will be sent home that will require your signature prior to any student being able to participate in small group counseling services.

For the month of October, we will cover topic(s) to include: Bullying and Decision Making. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in Red Ribbon Week, which is a national initiative, where schools and communities across America bring awareness about the dangers of alcohol and drugs.

Lastly, this year 4th and 5th grade teachers were asked to select two classroom representatives (one male and one female) to represent their classroom as our 2019-2020 Sunset Park Student Ambassadors (Student Council Members). Therefore, I am happy to announce the following students who were selected to serve: Fourth graders: Riley Walter and Maddie Blackwell (Ms. Manderville’s class), Jordan Derr and Demeria Williams (Mrs. Petty’s class), Chloe McClure and Mason Thorne (Mrs. Sidney’s Class) and Carson Moore & Harper McDaniel (Mrs. Wallace's Class). Fifth graders: Nehemiah Douglas and Ja’Niya Cunningham (Ms. Douglas' Class), Anna Erwin and Tyler Reid (Mrs. Gayton’s class), Denzia Alexander and John Hedrick (Mrs. Johnson’s class) and Chann Edwards and Anna Williams (Mrs. Lindgren’s class). Congratulations to you all!

As always, please know that I am available should you wish to speak with me regarding your child’s needs at Sunset Park. Have an Outstanding October!

-Ms. Woods

Physical Education

Disc Golf

Our third and fifth grade students will attend the National Disc Golf Championship Tournament thanks to Innova Disc Golf on October 2nd & 3rd. Students will participate in the EDGE disc golf program learning from local pros who volunteer their time to provide stations teaching basic skills, improving student skills, and watching pros from all over the world compete. Thanks to Innova Disc Golf for providing us this opportunity.

Healthy Lifestyle

Dear Parents,

Make a difference in your child’s life by helping them learn to adopt a healthy lifestyle. York County’s Eat Smart Move More program provides the following guidelines promoting healthy behaviors within the 5-2-1-0 Healthy Together program.

• 5- Eat at least five servings of fruits and veggies every day

• 2- Limit recreational screen time to fewer than two hours a day

• 1- Be physically active for at least one hour per day

• 0- Avoid sugary drinks, and instead aim for water or low-fat milk


Fourth grade parents please mark your calendar! Our fourth grade students will have swimming lessons at the Rock Hill Aquatic Center on the following dates: February 3, 4, 5, 6. I share this information so that you will make sure that your child has a swimsuit readily available during these dates.

-Ms. Bundy

Music Notes

Greetings SPCAS families! I am thankful to serve another year as the music teacher at SPCAS. I enjoy working with your children each and every week, and I look forward to the wonderful musical experiences we will have each week in the classroom and on the performance stage. Be on the lookout soon for our performance schedule for the year.

I would like to extend a great big thank you to all of our 4th and 5th grade students who auditioned for our school’s chorus. Congratulations to the members listed below of the Stars at Sunset Chorus for the 2019-2020 school year. It’s going to be a great year!

Hannah Andrychowski, Madison Blackwell, Davis Brown, Nevaeh Byrd, Chloee Catoe, Meredith Cooper, Dorian Crawford, Rielle Davis, Victoria Eiler, Gavin Fields, William Gosselin, Parker Guevara, Kaylin Harvey, Grace Harvey, Alexandra Hopkins, Ailema Land, Chloe McClure, Malachi McCray, Kingston McCrorey, Ayvah Mitchell, Amalia Pattison, Kerrington Ratliff, Kristian Shaw, Adeline Walborn, Hannah Watts, J’Kai Whitehead, Demeria Williams

Also, we had one student, Robert Collins, who was accepted into the Elementary Honor Choir of Rock Hill Schools! Congratulations Robbie!!

-Mr. Simon


The Fall district wide Art Show is going on now at the Center for the Arts at 121 East Main St. The show runs from September 13th to October 27th. A reception honoring the artists will be Thursday, October 17th, from 5:30 to 6:30. The Sunset Park artists included in the show are Lillie Beltz, Ruthie Walborn, Hannah Douglas, Matthew Touchton, Jonathan Curenton, Jai Burris, Eva Garza, Mason Cluppert, Maddox Moss, Darnasia Davis, Carson Moore, and Azyah Adams. Be sure to give them a pat on the back if you see them.

-Mrs. Gifford

Media Center

Congratulations to Hannah Andrychowski and Justice Wilks for returning their READO Summer Reading logs! Hannah read a total of 186.75 hours and Justice read 24 hours. Both girls will be recognized by Domtar, a local company that has partnered with the local school libraries to recognize students who read over the summer months, to avoid the “summer slide”.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOOK IT! The Pizza Hut Reading Incentive Program (October 1, 2019 – March 31, 2020), is celebrating its 35th birthday. The Origami Yoda Series by Tom Angelberger is the 2019-2020 Program Partner. BOOK IT! is a reading incentive program that encourages reading at school and at home. As students meet their monthly goal, set by their teacher, they earn a free personal pan pizza and a reading journal. They can also earn a sticker for each month. Six stickers will get them an opportunity to enter the reading give away for a College Plan. For more details regarding the rules, visit:

-Mrs. Gray