Come to Texas, you know you want to

By: Anthony Brown

About Texas

Texas is one of the states in the united states.Texas does have many things to look at such as the Llano uplift and the Alamo.Texas is also known as the lone star state.This is because Texas was once its own state.The state was called the republic of Texas.The Texas republic president was Sam Houston.

Supplies to survive

To survive the trails in Texas you would need to bring food and water.This is so that you could stop and rest for a while.The water is so you could stay refreshed during the trip.Food id for when you eat dinner or breakfast.

How much land will you recieve

80 acre of land for slaves

320 acres for the wife

160 for the kids

Texas routes

Some of the Texas routes are gong right through the heart of Texas.One trail you could take is the goodnight trail.This trail does sound good and it can be but watch out for native Americans.

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Texas Maps

The Texas map will show you what the old Texas map looked like

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