Mrs. Lyons' Class

First Grade Math, Science, Social Studies

Week 29! March 16th - 19th

This is our last week of IOWA prep! Next Monday is the real thing! I will not give homework or additional tests next week during IOWA testing week. I just ask for the kids to be well rested, have a balanced breakfast, and to be ready to do their best!! If you have not done so already and you would like to, please click on the link at the bottom of the page to schedule a conference. This is our last week to schedule conferences.

Dates to Remember:

3/18 - Awards Day Assembly after Eucharist. Around 9am

3/20 - No school!! (Homework packet due on Thursday)

3/23 - 3/27 - IOWA Testing Week

*** PLEASE send the Lorax field trip permission slip and a $5 check by this Wednesday if you have not done so already.


Finish Ch.14: Using Money

Excel Lessons 97-99

Iowa Test Review and Procedures

Math strategies

St. Patrick's Day Math

** Chapter 14 Test: Wednesday March 18th

**Unit 5 Test: Thursday Match 19th

Chapter 14: USING MONEY

Click here for math games, review, and extra support for Chapter 14

Ch. 14 Study Guide / Test Wednesday

  • Match vocabulary words penny, dime, quarter, nickel, half-dollar to the correct value.
  • Find the value of a given set of coins.
  • Circle the coins that match the price.
  • Show the amount with coins in two ways. Example: Show 18cents. A: 1 dime, 8 pennies or 18 pennies
  • Problem Solving Question: # 1 Sami wants to buy a 50 cent toy. He has 1 dime. How many more dimes does he need? 4 more dimes.
  • Problem Solving Question #2 Anna wants to use nickels to buy a 25 cent pencil. How many nickels does she need? 5 nickels

Unit 5 Study Guide / Test Thursday

  • Vocabulary: minute, half-hour, nickel, quarter, penny
  • Read the clock. Write 2 ways
  • Write how long the activity takes
  • Find the value of the coins
  • Use the calendar to find the answer. Ex. How may Tuesdays are in the given month?
  • Draw coins to show 32 cents two different ways.
  • Problem Solving Example Q: Danny wants to buy a 40 cent toy. He has 3 dimes and 1 nickel. What other coin does she need? 1 nickel

*** Students will make note cards on Monday. Please study these if your child struggles with counting money. These cards will really help on the upcoming tests!

Social Studies

We will incorporate social studies with a lesson on taxes.

We will continue to work in our Maps, Globes, and Graphs workbook.

No tests or homework for this.

We will continue to discuss social studies skills with the IOWA prep.


No lesson this week. We focus on Math and IOWA prep.

We will review and discuss science topics with the IOWA prep.


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AdaptedMind Math

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