By: Samantha Daniels

Breastfeeding is an essential part of a child's life. There are numerous benefits for both the mother, and the child which include: immune support for the child, decrease risk of uterine, and breast cancer for the mother, and the mother is able to lose gained weight from pregnancy easier.
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Benefits Of Breastfeeding

Autoimmunity: Breastfeeding transfers essential antibodies from the mothers body to the baby, which helps aid in the babies immune system and protecting them against many diseases and infections. It is also show that babies who are breast fed are less likely to develop dental caries later in life.

Helps Mom Lose Pregnancy Weight: Lactating mothers continuously burn calories during breastfeeding, which helps mothers lose weight after birth.

Decrease Cancer Risk: It is shown mothers who breast feed are significantly less likely to develop breast and uterine cancer.

Nutritional Benefits: Breast milk is considered to have high nutritional benefits for the baby. It offers a complete nutritional support, and helps prevent malnutrition, especially for babies born into underdeveloped countries.

Helpful Tips

There are simple tips which may aid in a new mother who is struggling with breastfeeding her new child.

- Remember, there is no set time, or length your baby should feed. Let your baby set the pace.

- Hold off on using a pacifier. Babies enjoy the sucking sensation, and using pacifiers could interfere with breastfeeding.

-Take care of yourself, and your nipples. Maintain a healthy diet, and drink plenty of fluids to keep hydrated. Also remember to care for your nipples with proper lubrication. This can help aid in comfort for mom during breastfeeding.

-Patience is a virtue. Remember to be patient, that everything takes time and try not to over stress about breastfeeding.

Latching On Tips for Breastfeeding

Where To Go For Help

Multiple hospitals and clinics offer help to new mothers who are struggling with breast feeding. There are also several non-profit organizations which offer support to mother struggling with breast feeding. Milk donation clinics are also available for mothers wanting to help other mothers in need, or if mothers are in need of breast milk for their children.