Act 2 Scene 2

By: Shae Fitzpatrick and Sara Heil


Several literary elements are used in this scene, whether it's symbolism or foreshadowing. With much love involved in this scene, the tragic flaw is inevitable in both characters. Foreshadowing occurs with Romeo fearing his love with Juliet is a dream, because if so he cannot believe in dreams anymore since he died in one. Juliet also fears Romeo is a bird she will kill with much love to give. Both lovers are on a balcony professing their love to each other with the aspect of wanting to take the relationship slow, but also acknowledging the fact that the only way they can truly be together is by getting married and having sex; therefore, the marriage cannot be broken.
Hunter Hayes - Secret Love (Lyrics)

Why did we choose this song?

We chose this song because it perfectly represents what is occurring in the following scene. The whole time while Romeo and Juliet are professing their love to each other, nobody knows yet. Romeo also met Juliet at Lord Capulet's party while he was wearing a mask which goes in hand with a lyric in the beginning of the song. Another lyric specifically says: "When you're livin' a life that you gotta deny". That lyric perfectly represents Romeo and Juliet's love life because they are both enemies that have fell in love with each other.