If you ever see a Banshee, here is how you know it is one. The color of a Banshee varies between indigo, blue, teal, green, pink, purple, orange, brown or a mixture. The body is large and has a wingspan of around 13.9 meters.
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The banshee has a metabolism almost like a bird, it generates a lot of heat. The banshee has a cooling system for it's body to keep it from overheating during flight high in the mountains. The breathing system is key to the cooling, the spiracles are in front of the chest. The air is controlled by cartilaginous operculum, or a flap valve. The lungs inflate by rib movement, but unlike it's ancestors, its evolved to allow unidirectional flow venting air through gill like slits. The banshee has two eyes that see full color, same spectrum as humans. They also have 2 secondary eyes above the primary eyes, that move independently or with the primary eyes. These see infrared, for night hunting. They have sensor slits in front of the primary eyes, they allow airflow information in flight. The banshee's cell structure is carbon-fiber allowing they're muscle tissue and bone to be stronger as they have evolved over the years. They have vestigial legs. They eat small flying prey because of the lack of being able to land, they have to catch them in the air. The wings are a mix of bat and bird wings. The arm ends with four fingers with membranes and thumbs forming a claw like a bat. They have 3 vanes at the tips of the wings. The vanes allow air pass for easy upstrokes and greater downstrokes that play key in survival for them. They have a hind wing, that is used as horizontal stabilizers. The creature propels itself with large amounts of power and used the tail plane for altitude control. The steering vane is located under the lower jaw used as a feather like fan at the tip to provide additional turning authority to high acrobatics in the air.

Who discovered the Banshee??

We can see that the Natives discovered the original banshees being native to the land. The first recorded and accurate detail of the banshee was by Sir Issac Lawson, Pandora Biologist and PH.d in Marine biology back on Earth. He was the first to fly way up in the hallelujah mountains gathering information and studying the creature for 2 years.
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