San Andreas Fault

The Effects and How It's Caused

How did the fault affect the economy and the society around it?

“The major cities of California including Los Angeles, Oakland, San Jose, and San Francisco, home to millions of people, straddle this fault zone. Such development in this and other parts of the world puts many at risk of the devastation of major fault movements.”(Smithsonian). This shows that a lot of people and cities that were in the area of where the fault hit were greatly impacted by the mess it left.

How Play a Role

“Our ability to build major dams that retain huge quantities of water has also generated earthquakes by so-called “hydrofracturing,” in which the weight of the water stresses fractures in the underlying rock. Pumping of oil and natural gas from deep wells and the disposal of liquid wastes through injection wells have also produced small motions along faults and fractures.”(Smithsonian) The things that people do have a big effect on the environment such as things like hydrofracturing and pumping oil are some of the reasons why things like earthquakes, faults, and fractures happen.

The Aftermath

“Hundreds of fires start, and with roads blocked and the water system damaged, emergency personnel aren’t be able to put them all out. Smaller fires merge into larger ones, taking out whole sections of Los Angeles. The lines that bring water, electricity and gas to Los Angeles all cross the San Andreas fault—they break during the quake and won’t be fixed for months. Though most modern buildings survive the shaking, many are rendered structurally unusable. Aftershocks shake the state in the following days, continuing the destruction.”(Smithsonian).

A lot of things happened during the San Andreas Fault. It caused a lot of damage towards the state, starting a lot of fires and collapsing a lot of the buildings. It’d be a tough time to go through but you will have to stay strong to push through that.

Diagram of the Fault line.

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