Art Portfolio

By: Celina Mendez Perez


Honestly I'm not sure I'm good at using any type of media, but the only two that I'm most comfortable with using is pencil and paint. I really feel like I struggle most when using watercolors. Watercolors, to me, can be hard to control. I tend to not be able to spread out the colors on time before they dry out. I've learned some new techniques this year like how to correctly mix watercolors, and blend color pencils, even though I have yet to master how to actually do it right. I would say that I'm alright at composing compositions. In my artwork you can see where I tried to have rhythm, have balance, contrast, and patterns. As you can see, in my Tea Cup art piece, I didn't have a a focal point, but I did kinda have patterns at the bottom. I don't make thumbnails at first, although I should because I always struggle to come up with ideas. In the beginning all I do is come up with a small idea, and I as I'm working on it more, the ideas start to develop in my head. This progress doesn't work well for me because sometimes the ideas that I get later on, I'm not able to do because there isn't enough space or I just have to start all over because I like my new idea better. What I know that I have to start doing is make thumbnails so that I can really think about very possible thing I can do before I start. My drawing skills are nothing special. I draw very average. I don't have a style, I just draw whatever I feel like drawing in that moment.

What I usually do to get ideas for my art work is search up images so see what I can relate to, find easy to do, or that I just simply like. I don't always use the first idea that I come up with. My artwork is more about the idea behind it but of course I don't want it to look too ugly either. I believe that its important for art to be conceptual. When you make a artwork with a meaning, you really try to make the point come across. You want the viewer to see what the artwork is based on. I don't have any strengths when it comes to art. I honestly just do what I have to do and so that's one of many weaknesses that I have. Another weakness that I have is that I actually have to love what I'm about to make because if I don't, i really won't give it my all. Since I'm not a really good drawer, I really cant create a masterpiece, I make a lot of basic things.


Art 1

Art 2

Tea Cup

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Media: Watercolor & Pen/Ink

Linear Perspective

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Media: Graphite

Abstract Painting

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Media: Acrylic Paint

M. Chavez

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Media: Colored Pencil


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Media: Ink Wash