HGHS Instructional Update

December 14, 2015

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Community Learning

Our next Community Learning will during the week of January 11-15. Look for the schedule when we return to school in 2016.

Our next Lunch & Learn will be January 21.

Best Practices in Action--Daniel Beard

Mr. Beard's class recently explored the best "found objects" and low-tech power sources (balloons and rubber bands) to construct a vehicle for maximum distance and velocity. Students investigating, students talking to students, students listening to students, and students on the move. Winning day! Students will log their results and use the experience as the foundation for new learning.

Thinking Ahead?

If you're feeling inspired by an ambitious idea for next semester, I'd love to help--I can do resource research and/or assist as you plan. Get in touch! sdecarlo@madison.k12.al.us

You can do it!

With only a few teaching days remaining this semester, we might need a little help focusing! Here's a little food for thought. . .

10 Tips to Stay Focused before Holiday Break

HGHS Teachers Deck the Halls

End-of-semester creativity on display!
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