1. Health In The Middle Ages

Discover What The Health Was Like In The Middle Ages

2. Health In The Middle Ages

Health In The Middle Ages Was Almost Like Ours Today. They Performed Surgery's, Which Were Successful In Cases Like Breast Cancer, etc.

In The Picture On The Side, This Image Shows A Woman Has Fallen ill, & 2 Women Are Trying To Help Her.

2. Surgery

Roman Surgery Was Performed As A Last Resort. The Were Known To Be Successful With Breast Cancer, Gangrene, Cataracts, Fistula, & Many More. The Most Common Surgery During The Middle Ages, Was Bloodletting.

2. Bloodletting

Rome's Most Common Surgery, Is Bloodletting. Bloodletting Is Defined As "An Act Or Practice Of Letting Blood By Opening Of A Vein" (Dictionary.com)

2. Black Death

Health In The Middle Ages, Although Fascinating, It Was Not The Best. During The Black Death, Their Health Was Not The Best. With The Fact That People Were Dieing From The Disease, People Couldn't Take Care Of Their Sanitation. They Didn't Properly Dispose Of Their Waste, And They Didn't Properly Wash Their Hands, etc. And It Made Easy To Catch The Disease.

3. People Who Were Involved.

Health Was Discovered By The Greeks & The Romans, & Doctors Did Most Of The Work. They Used Remedies. "Remedies Were Often In Nature, But Also Included Ground Earthworms, Animal Excretes, & Urine." http://www.learner.org/interactives/middleages/morhealt.html

5. Questions

How Did They Do Bloodletting?
What Was Also Used In Remedies?

7. A Connection

Health In The Middle Ages Makes Me Think Of Health Today. We Do Surgery's, And So Did They. We Have Many Things In Common With Health. Like Remedies, & Many More. Today, There Are Many Myths & Superstitions About Health & Hygiene. The Same In The Middle Ages.

8. Rylei Hutchinson 3rd Period