Bring Your Own Device

(BYOD) Questions answered

What is a BYOD Program?

A PILOT PROGRAM encouraging students to bring their own Internet connected devices to Alfred Deakin High School (ADHS) began in 2013.

What are the Hardware and Software Considerations?

What types of computing devices may my child bring to school?

Students may use devices that fall into the following categories: (1) laptops, (2) netbooks, (3) tablets, and (4) e-Readers. In some instances, teachers may allow cell phones/smartphones to be used. ADHS will be recommending Chromebooks for all students from the start of 2014, and will provide information regarding this in a timely fashion.

How can my child's computing device connect to the Internet?

ADHS provides a WIFI network which students may connect to while using their devices in the building. Additionally, students may use an Internet connection from an outside provider (3G). In this case, the family will be responsible for any expense incurred using this type of Internet connection.

Are there suggested accessories?

Providing a padded bag or protective sleeve is suggested. This will provide more protection for the day to day use of these computing devices. A headset or headphones with, or without, a microphone will be useful when accessing a website with audio and/or video. If using an iPad or other tablet device a keyboard may be useful for extended writing tasks and/or homework.

Will there be "charging stations" so my child's electronic device can be recharged?

We anticipate that not every class will be using an electronic device in a lesson every day. Considering today's electronic device battery technology, the device's battery charge should be sufficient for lessons requiring use of the device throughout the day. "Charging stations" will not be provided.

Are there any specifications for the type of laptop, netbook, or tablet my child may bring to school?

Buying a computer is a personal choice. Ultimately, each person will need to choose the device that works best for his/her child. Generally speaking, as long as the device is able to connect to the wireless network and access the world wide web, this should suffice.

Can my child use an iPad or Android tablet?

Any type of tablet, netbook or laptop can be used. Whichever you choose, the device must be able to connect to the ADHS WIFI network or to the internet via an outside provider.

What software will be needed on my child's computer?

No software needs to be purchased. We encourage you to install Google Chrome as the Internet browser. Google Chrome is a free Internet browser that supports the use of GAFE. ADHS uses Google Drive to store student work. This is a web-based file storage system providing many productivity tools including a word processor, spreadsheet, and a presentation program. Students will be able to use these capabilities provided by their ADHS account, through Google Drive, rather than purchasing software.

Whose Responsibility Is It?

Who pays for the technology brought to school?

These devices will be purchased by and remain the property of the family.

Who is responsible for any repairs or updating to personal computing devices?

Students and/or their families are responsible for their personal computing devices at all times.

ADHS does not have the technology support staff to repair or update personal computing devices.

Who is responsible for damage, loss, or theft of devices your child brings to school?

Families must stress the responsibilities their children have when bringing their own computing devices to school. Any devices students bring to school are their sole responsibility.

ADHS takes no liability for damaged, lost or stolen personal computing devices.

Will the family need to have Internet access at home?

No. It would be helpful, however, to have some form of Internet access (wired or wireless) in order for a child to make full use of school resources from home, as well the multitude of resources available on the World Wide Web. But, it is not required in order for a child to use a personal computing device at school.

Does Alfred Deakin High School suggest any other considerations?

It may be wise to acquire insurance to cover loss or damage of the personal device outside of the home.If purchasing a new computing device for a child to use at school, we recommend purchasing the extended warranty.

Discuss with your child the appropriate care and use of the device while at school. While there are filters on the schools network, students need to be aware that some inappropriate content may still be downloaded and the consequences if they are using unfiltered internet the potential to download inappropriate content.

Miscellaneous Information

How will a child's education differ if the family does not have an Internet-connected device to bring to school?

Many lessons are collaborative allowing students to work together, sharing information accessed through personal devices. When the work is individual, students may use computers and other devices located in classrooms and/or in the Library.

No child's learning experience or academic performance will be affected because he or she does not have an Internet-connected device to bring to school. ADHS is committed to a teaching and learning program that is delivered in a way that ensures every child can learn.

Will my child need to have a signed Acceptable Use Policy on file?

Yes. In order for the ADHS to supervise student use of the computer network and the Internet, both the Student Acceptable Use Policy form must be signed by all students who want to have access to educational resources. Signing the document indicates that the student and parent/guardian have read and understand the expectations of ADHS.

When can my child use the electronic device at school?

Students may use their electronic devices in class as instructed by the teacher. It is not expected that a teacher will need students to bring electronic devices everyday.

Students may use their electronic devices during Classroom instruction, recess, lunch, when in the E-hub or when otherwise authorised by school personnel.

Will my child be expected to use his or her computing device both at school and at home?

As always, some assignments may need to be completed at home. If there is a computing device malfunction or an interruption of Internet connectivity at home, a student may use computers at school before or after the school day starts and finishes.

Will students be able to print documents from their personal computing devices?

Students will not be able to access printers at ADHS from their personal computing devices. We will provide alternatives as follows: (1) printing capabilities from school computers, and/or (2) electronic delivery of documents through Google Docs sharing, email or other online methods.

Where will my child's work be stored?

Students will be encouraged to store their work on their ADHS provided Google Docs accounts. In so doing, the student will have access to their work wherever they have internet access.