Behavior Intervention Plan

A Guide

Who- All students


Last Name (space) First Initial (space) BIP (space) school year

EX: House A BIP 2014-2015

How To/Helpful Hints-\

· To start a new FBA and BIP select editable FBA or editable BIP and then save using the above file name.

· Beneficial information can be found in students prior FBA/BIP, on intake information, IEPs and BIPs.

· Utilize information from therapist, TES, teachers, and others that work with the student to determine information needed.

· Student Demographics

o Can be found on IEP, ETR, and in Client Contact

o Medical History

§ What are their previous diagnosis

§ Are they on medication

§ Do they take medication at school or home

o Problem Behavior

§ Take from FBA

· Include frequency, intensity, duration

o Hypothesis of why behavior is occurring

§ Take from FBA hypothesis

o Proactive Strategies

§ What is used for de-escalation

§ What helps support the student before the problem occurs

o Behavioral Instructional Strategies

§ What strategies will support the student

§ Life skills, coping skills, social skills, etc

o List specific skills

§ What will be taught to the student

o What format will they be taught in

§ Direct instruction

§ Modeling

§ Individual

o Reinforcement Strategies

§ What will be done to support the student

· Time on the computer

· Gym time

· Lunch with teacher

o Responsive/Consequence Strategies

§ Verbal prompts

§ Proximity

§ Loss of time

o Strategies to Address Behaviors

§ What is going to be used to address the behaviors

· Positive Behavior Supports

o Crisis Plan

§ What do the unsafe behavior look

§ What will happen?

o Goal and Objective

§ What is the goal, how will it be reached, what are the replacement behaviors.

o Data Collection Method

§ How will data be collected? Checklist, points, etc

o Roles and Responsibilities

§ Who does what? Teacher, staff, student, etc.

The link above has information on BIPs and some ideas on what to focus on with specific students.