Inspire Yearbook

2020-21: A Year Like No Other

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Buy Your Yearbook

Be sure to buy your yearbook now, before prices go up!

From now to April 30th the yearbook will be $85 and starting May 1st it will go to $90.

  • Paying with credit card? CLICK HERE and enter school code 16210.
  • Paying with cash or check? Fill out the order form and bring exact payment amount (not able to make change) to the front office during office hours.

Email with questions.

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Want to win yearbook swag?

For every picture, question, or item you buy, you get one entry into our WEEKLY prize giveaway. Winners will receive their swag by mail!

  • Upload photos to HJeShare using school code 16210

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Tag Photos on Instagram

  • Use the #2021InspireYBK tag to share photos with your followers and also yearbook!!
  • Answer questions asked on Instagram @inspireyearbook
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