Circulatory System Case Studies

Mollie Zoul & Michael Shubert

Doctors Note on: Iron deficiency anemia

Patient is an 18 year old girl, she is very active and involved. Patients states she is getting enough sleep but may not be eating right. Blood test will be run to examine all possibilities in accordance with her symptoms.

Patient's Described Symptoms

- Extreme fatigue

- Weakness

- Frequent infections: UTI, sinus infection, ear infections (both)

- pale skin especially in face

Blood Sample

Blood was drawn and tested for a series of problems that pertained to these symptoms, including a mono test which is also common among teenagers. There was a very low number of red blood cells leading to the conclusion that the patient is suffering from Anemia, specifically Iron deficiency.


Take two iron supplement pill each day, this will fulfill your daily iron. You will also take a vitamin C pill to help your body absorb and digest and absorb iron you may be taking in. After a week reduce to only one pill a day and start eating foods such as beans, peas, tofu, and dark green vegetables,