Illiterate, Subservient and German

by Elizabeth J & M

During the 1850 s interactions between whites and blacks were colored by prejudices such as assuming all blacks were illiterate and uneducated to the point of warped speech and subservient to the whites, only deserving their pity. These misconceptions were the result of failed slave revolts that caused whites to deny education to the slaves and to become a crueler ruling class.

Personal opinion

Elizabeth M.

illiterate/ uneducated, warped/ accented speech, large lips, slaves are naive(?) -pictures with the girls-

I was surprised that more often than not the black people had normal bodies/ faces

Elizabeth J

A) the presented characteristics that allowed for its audience to have pity on these slaves was a universal theme through these pieces of art.

B) I found it very unusual how they used the figure of a young women or children to maybe contrast it to their fellow blacks.