Week of March 18th, 2019

Daddy Daughter Dance Success!

I would like to thank all of you that have put in countless hours for your efforts to make this night happen. We had many staff members help out in numerous ways and I'm beyond grateful for your help! We had over 150 girls and their dates show up and enjoy the night. When I tell other administrators that I have the BEST staff around, I truly mean it! So thank you to everyone that helped make this night happen, it takes an entire team to pull something like this off!

E-Learning Make Up Days

3/29 & 4/19 will be used as make-up days using e-Learning. You are welcome to post assignments early for students to access before Spring Break and Good Friday.

NWEA Window

The window will open the Monday after spring break and will remain open through April. I sent an email earlier about this but wanted to make sure everyone was aware!

Staff Spotlight

Our first Staff Spotlight will be in April. I have a couple nominations of staff members from other staff already. If you would like to nominate someone please do as we will celebrate them in the next couple of months!

Mr. Morgan Out

I'll be gone Tuesday-Friday for Crisis Intervention Training (CPI) if you don't know what that means it's the technique used to de-escalate volatile children and then worst case scenario how to restrain them from hurting themselves or others. By going to this training in Fort Wayne I'll be trained to train our staff members who have to get recertified each year. Doing this will ultimately allow me and others to not have to leave our building for this training each year. So yes its a pain now, but in the long run will benefit us all! As always I'll have my phone and computer. Officer Koontz will handle discipline and confer with me if any huge issues come up.

Being A Reader

I dropped off the boxes to someone in your grade level Friday after school. Please take the time this week during your collaborations to look through these together and see if they are what we are missing for our reading component. I want to make sure that these will help us and aren't just one more thing to try to get in. I believe it helps pull all of the Making Meaning, and Being a Writer together while focusing on reading strategies and small group instruction, but I want your opinions. Please look it over and we'll talk about it next week. Thanks!

Negative Lunch Balances

Please check your emails each morning to scan over if you have a student(s) that are to get an alternative lunch. It will take less than 5 minutes of your time each morning. Thanks!

Important Dates

3/19: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

3/20: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

3/21: 1st Grade Music Program

4/12: Mobile Dentist Follow Up

4/16: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

4/17: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

5/8: Yates and Jordan to KinderForest

5/9: Ummel and Shaw to KinderForest

Please send me any important dates as you get them! Also, don't forget we have the shared google calendar with dates for events happening at CNP!