Hydraulic Bedrock Fracturing

the dangers of fracking

Introduction To ''Fracking''

Fracking is short for Hydraulic fracturing, fracking is the process of pumping a pressurized mixture of water, sand and chemicals down a tube in to bedrock. This creates cracks along the inside of the tube leading in to natural gas chambers. These gasses are then bubbled up through underground water wells and collected as a fuel source. Fracking causes lots of environmental issues such as air and water pollution, also most of the fracking fluid (witch is full of toxic chemicals) stays underground creating rock pollution.

Fracking And Its Effects On Babies

Some of the chemicals from fracking sites and natural gas wells have been thought to cause birth defects. When natural gasses are released in the fracking process some chemicals also escape the mines such as toluene and benzene, witch are mutagens. There has been an increase in birth defects for mothers who live 10 miles or nearer to Colorado fracking sites. This is thought to have been caused by the mutagens. Other studys show that mothers are 30 percent more likely to give birth to a baby with birth defects if they are living in areas with more than 125 wells every mile. This subject is to be studied more to verify if the defects are actually caused bu the drilling.