Cary News September 22, 2015


Greetings wonderful faculty and staff of Cary middle school!

We are less than 2 weeks away from the end of the first grading cycle. Ensure you are holding both yourself and your students accountable to high expectations. Believe in your students ability to achieve success and their eagerness to learn will grow! I feel confident that with your ambition and investment we will close out this grading cycle STRONG! Thank you for all your hard work making Cary the premier school of choice in our community!

High Expectaions = High Level of Support

Over the course of the year we (including students) are all going to be pushed to reach our highest potential. However, a high level of expectations must be matched with a high level of support. Your appraiser along with the instructional coaches are here to support you reach these goals. Please make sure you are taking action on the feedback given to you and requesting clarity when needed. We want an open line of communication when it comes to supporting you as classroom leaders so please ensure you are actively participating in feedback sessions and having a growth mindset. We thank you for all your hard work.

We believe in you!

Instructional Priorities - On Task and Compliant by Oct. 1st!

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ELL Strategy Focus for this week! Make a conscious effort to monitor yourself as it pertains to these strategies.

Comprehensible Input:

  • Speech appropriate for students' proficiency level (e.g., slower rate, enunciation, and simple sentence structure for beginners)
  • Clear explanation of academic tasks included having the directions/task in written form - not just oral instruction
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How are you communicating our Mission, Vision, and Values???

Part of being a successful organization and school is to ensure we are all aligned to common language and expectations. Please take a moment to reflect on how you are using the Mission, Vision, and Values with your students. If this is destination we want our students reach then we must actively communicate this each and every day. Make it a point this week to incorporate the Mission, Vision, and Values for Cary into your lessons!